Dec 26, 2009

Cats Interrupted!

We hads a new fing happening today. Bambi say she no like. She say when dis happend befor when she was liddle everthing turn upside down and no more furever home. She say everbody move away. I feel sad but Miss E, say no worry. She say just have to fix kitchen floor some more.

She moving everyfing outta da kitchen.

She moved our shelf, where she keep our supplies, and our noms and our water, all into back bedroom where Ninja liek to sleep.

Ninja say all for him... ha, ha, ha! Bambi say not funny and den she went and eat food and water. I say Nah, Nah to Ninja. He just walk away, tail up in air.

But him meow at Miss E to complain. She pick up and pet him. So I go meow. She pick me up and pet me. But, Bambi, she go sit up in Miss E window.

Den Miss E, she move all da stuff off kitchen table, even telephone, then sweep, sweep, sweep!

I no liek sweeper broom. Bambi say witches take kitteh for ride on brooms. Ninja say no need. He flies, he can take me for ride. I don't fink so!

Den, I so surprise! Miss E move our big heavy condo. It no be in front of kitchen window no more.

Bambi don't mind. I don't mind. But, Ninja mind a lot.

He no can jump to window from floor. He too fat.

No? Ninja say no is fat. Him say he is got lots of muscle cuz he is ninja cat. Okay. So dat why he no can jump up in window. But, he say he liek big sliding glass door window in back bedroom better, ennyway.

So, Miss E. She put condo in living room.

But not near window. Bambi say it okay for her. She like window in Miss E bedroom, better.  I liek it too.

But, I so happy she move condo into living room! I go inside little house and lie downs and take my baff, and nobody bother me. I lieks dis berry much!

So, now, the Monk can come into kitchen and finish tear up da floor. Still him gonna move our fridge. Don't know if Bambi gonna liek dat at all. 


Daisy said...

It sounds like everything was all in an uproar at your house! I do not like anything moved around or changed at all.

ps: have you visited the Cat Blogosphere? You can leave your link there and even more cats will come and visit you!

Elizabeth Munroz said...
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Ninja, Bambi and Spyder said...

Everything still in uproar, even tho' no hear lions. Kitchen is not ours no more. Thanks for the idea on Cat Blogosphere!

Oops, our purrson answered first, and we wanted to answer, so we deleted her post, but now it says so. Embarrasing. So we re-post.