Dec 26, 2009

Feline Hierarchy

Top Cat: The Feline Hierarchy in multicat households.

Cat hierarchy plays an important part in how cats in a multicat family get along with each other. 

Of course if you have just one cat, that cat will be the boss cat. 

It is not difficult to be number one when there's no number two. However, if you add another cat to the family, the first cat will not necessary remain be top cat. 

Any further additions to the family will, by definition, force shake things up even more, because the new cat will have to find its own rank in the pecking (and clawing, scratching and biting) order.

When thinking of a multicat family, one has to remember that cats are not as socially easy-going as dogs. Cats are territorial and most cats will

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from: Know Your Cat

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Milo and Alfie's mom said...

Milo and Alfie seem to take it in turns ~ although Milo is prediminantly top cat! But every now and again a scrap breaks out! LOL!