Dec 20, 2009

Chaos Cats

It been so disturbin' taday! Las' night Miss E and the Monk, they wents to da movies. It so cold and we miss them. They come home and talkin' bout AVATAR movie, and it sound very good. Dey said that wild cat critter saved da planet in da end of movie and dat was good enuff fur me. I finks I like dis movie, too. I gonna be da AVATAR cat when I gets growed up!

Ninja say, No, I be ninja like him. Bambi say, no, I can be AVATAR if I want to. Good movie has wild cat in jungle who help save the people, save da planet so dat is a good fing.

We notice Miss E, she no feel good. We all worry bout her, cause she smell like no air enuff to breave. So we walkin' all round her and makin' cat magic. Both Bambi and Ninja say is very good to healing peoples. Cat magic is best if cat can sit on lap and purr the healing into purrson. But, no could do las night cuz the Monk, he was helpin her feel better. But, she have to go bed, so den we all get on bed and makin' cat magic for her feeling better. Soon she and Monk happy and talkin bout AVATAR movie and how dey gonna go back and see it again. Dat makes me wanna see it, too. But Bambi, she say be long time, cuz we dont ebber wants ta go in such a place as movie house. We gots ta wait until AVATAR comes to DVD, then we see here at home on TV.

But, Ninja he say he wuz listenin' ta what dey say bout movie and maybe cant be on DVD cuz they gots to wear speshul glasses ta watch in movie house, so how can watch on TV without speshul glasses? Huh? Dat a big question. Well, we watches other fings on TV all da time. I likes ta watch the show where dey havin' the buzzer or da bell. Bambi say dey is game shows. And I likes ta watch the dancing shows too. Ninja say I watch too much TV. But, How he know? He never watch TV.

Taday we wakes up and the Monk, he down on floor scrape scrape scrape, pound pound scrape. He making pieces of floor fly all around every where. We all is scared. Well, cept fur Bambi. She hungry and she walk through all the broken pieces of floor and she go to food and eat her brekfust, and she come back and wash her paws, den she go up in her window and get warm in sun. She so daring. Ninja say today is Kay ohs.

No, he say that not how spell it. Ninja teachin me how ta spell better now. He say me spelling is a troshush...Chaos and atrocious Ninja say today has much chaos. and my spelling is atrocious.

I agree it much chaos with the Monk smashin da floor like dat all day many hours. He never give up. Work, work work! and very much noisy. I go out in garage. Den, Miss E, bring me inside. Put me in Bedroom with favorite harp music playing. She say harp music good for kittie brains. I like dat, but wish Bambi came be with me. But she don't mind all da chaos dat happeninng in da kitchen. Da floor not all smooth like before. Now is cement like garage. Now is more cold floor.  I hopes they gonna do sumpin ta fix it better.

I feel all better now to lie on bed and listen ta harp music.

Quoted from an article found at msnbc published Jan. 7, 2008 entitled

Pets Enjoy the Healing Power of Music

The healing power of music has long been established in people. Now a handful of harpists throughout the country are harnessing that power for animals.

Alianna Boone is one of those musicians.

“The structure of the harp is considered to be the most healing instruments next to human voice,” said Boone, an Oregonian who plays for ill family pets and produced a CD "Harp Music to Soothe the Savage Beast."

While anecdotal reports abound, Boone conducted one of the few studies on harp music’s effect on animals. In 2000, she performed for recently hospitalized canines at a Florida veterinary clinic. The hour-long sessions immediately began to lower heart rate, anxiety, and respiration in many cases, she said.

Further excerpt here:

"Harp of Hope," a collection of 17 songs, was originally recorded for people but Diane Schneider decided to release an animal edition last year after owners reported it helped their arthritic dogs dogs fall asleep and calmed their agitated cats.

Veterinary hospitals also acknowledged the CD's success in soothing nervous pets  and their owners.

She said every detail of the instrumentals — the tempos, rhythms, keys, note intervals, chord structures and plucking techniques — are carefully arranged to promote progressive peace and relaxation.

Animals usually begin to relax after listening for just a few minutes.

Schneider recommends playing the music on an as-needed basis or before a stressful situation, such as a veterinary or grooming appointment.

“I’m hopeful that there will be a great increase in the use of this benevolent therapy,” said Schneider. “It is a very cost effective, beneficial, soothing, calming intervention for animals and the people who love animals.”

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Milo and Alfie's Mom said...

I love the idea of playing harp music for the boys (Milo and Alfie) ~ I have noticed they like soothing classical music (Chopin, or Bach ~ or even Mozart). So I thik I may get them some harp music (I'm sure I would enjoy it too!)