Dec 19, 2009

Jerusalem Cricket and Cats

I went out to the garage to see if Spyder was out there. He has found a trash can to his liking which is lying on it's side sitting on top of a box. I think sometimes Ninja gets tired of his wanting to play chase so much, and so he chases him in there and warns him to stay and not come out. I can't think of any other reason. There are plenty of good kitty hiding places around the rest of the house to be found, that it does not necessitate sleeping in the garage. Besides, it is COLD in there! I used to climb to the very top boxes and study the various insects in the garage, but that was in the summertime. It bothered Miss E to no end. So I stopped my visitations. Besides there were plenty of bugs inside the house to keep me happy. Not to mention the flying ones I could see through the window screens.

Perhaps Ninja is trying some other sort of ninja training on Spyder by sending him out to the garage for such long periods of time. But, I don't see the point.. Is it so that Spyder learns to be stoic sitting in the cold inside that trash can? It is a white trash can after all. So maybe that is the only way that Spyder can take on the lessons of ninja invisibility. He cannot very well hide in the dark as he is white, and traditional ninja cats are black, according to Ninja. I often wonder what makes Ninja qualified to teach Spyder the way of the ninja. He says he attended a dojo and had trained masters. One from Japan and one from Tibet. But, they were dogs, and they don't know how to be very quiet if you ask me. I never knew a dog who could be quiet. Even the quietest among them made tippy tappy sounds with their feet, when they walked. They never walked on silent pads as we do, and we have much longer claws than dogs. So, I don't know how Ninja's Masters, or Sensei as he calls them, could teach him true ninja ways. I hope Ninja is not living under delusions of grandeur.

As I previously mentioned, I went out to the garage to see if Spyder was there, and he was. But, he wasn't tucked into his wastebasket as I thought he would be. He was over by the giant door where the car is supposed to drive in, but never does. There is quite a cold wind that comes under that door. I told Spyder he should get away from that door, but he didn't listen to me. If I were not such a nice and compassionate queen, I should have commanded him to get away. But if you have read what occurred the other day, then you know I only command under dire emergencies.

Spyder was sniffing something on the floor by a box. I couldn't see it, as he was in the way. But, I could hear it making some sort of thumping noise. That is, until Spyder nudge whatever it was with his nose. He looked over at me and said, "My Queenie Lady, what is that thing?"  Sometimes he forgets and calls me Queenie, but I don't mind.

I proceeded over toward it, braving the cold wind from the door. Brrrr!  I was surprised to see an unusual looking creature. I do believe I might have seen one like it a year ago sometime, but I do not recall the exact circumstances. I know it was singular like this one. Some insects gather together and overtake an area, like the ants. But, not this one. It was quite large. Larger than any other bug I've seen. I don't understand what it was doing there. Usually insects are not likely to traverse about in the cold.

Some might think that a Lady such as myself would not care for insects. Nonetheless, being a cat, I find them infinitely fascinating. I prefer the flying ones myself. Spyder, of course, is interested in the eight legged creatures, which are not insects at all, but that is another discussion.

Ninja tells me that I am referring to the Jerusalem Cricket, not really a cricket at all, but a beetle, and this is what they are commonly called. He seems to know quite a lot about them. He said it was his passion to study this type of creature when he was younger and has seen them often over the years. Ninja has a lot of wisdom for one with his interests. He says it it necessary to be as informed at possible to be a good ninja. And he has about 40 cat years of learning and education under his black belt. Miss E says that he just had his eight birthday in October. I look forward to the day when I can be so knowledgeable.

My birthday is coming up very soon. On the 24th, Christmas Eve I was born two years ago. I am still quite a young queen, but since I have had kittens, I am quite qualified to be a queen.

I did a little research when Miss E was not at the computer and found a couple of sites that explains more about them. I went to Wikipedia but the article didn't seem terribly complete. So I found this one simply called Jerusalem Cricket. It is from the San Diego Natural History Museum Field Guide. The other much more informative site is "Ask Dr. Bug". An appropriate name. Don't you think?

While I was seeking out this information, Ninja went out to the garage to investigate. I have no idea what his interest in bugs might be. I think he slays them in the middle of the night while they sleep. However, that being said, I suspect he might have attempted to slay the unfortunate fellow visiting our garage. When I returned, he was quite inactive. And much later, I saw him scuffled across the floor, his body a bit mangled. I was surprised that Spyder did not try to eat him as he does everything else he can get his little baby teeth into. Though when I asked him, he said he decided to not bother, as the Jerusalem Cricket had a terrible odor to it. I do believe that Spyder is maturing a bit to be able to make such a decision and not give into his insatiable curiosity. Don't you? I do believe by this time he would have been quite dessicated, except for the fact that Miss E found him and took his body outside somewhere.

If you should find a Jerusalem Cricket, there is a scientist doing research who would like you to send him a live specimen. See the above mentioned Ask Mr. Bug site, for further information.

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