Dec 5, 2009

Cats in Sheeps Clothing

It's been another challenging day for this Ninja. While I'm working on my skills and meditations the little guy comes along and stinks his nose in my face. GRRRR! He backs off.

Then, next thing you know, he's sniffing my fur from the end of my tail. GRRRRRRR!!! The kid is obstinate. Sometimes I just have to get up and run fast just to get away from him. Pesky annoying kid!

Last night when I crawled onto Miss E's bed, I got all comfortable, and Bambi came up to join me. She likes to knead upon the sheepskin rug that Miss E put there especially for her. I don't much care for it, but have tried it out a couple times just lying down on it. Quite warm, if I do say so myself. Bambi's is in seventh heaven kneading on her sheepskin staring off into nowhere and in a trance state I haven't seen in a long time. She's very good at it. She's very peaceful and relaxed. And finally dozes off to sleep. Miss E is in bed and reading.

Then along comes Spyder. I tried to warn him away. Grrrr!, but to no avail. He just ignnored me like I was't there. Am I invisible? Or what? Spyder gets onto his end of the sheepskin and starts kneading it and purring. Now, I'm getting a little put out, with his tail in my face. But, he is ignoring me. Miss E reaches over and soothes me with a pet and I ignore that whippersnapper. We all fell asleep.  Miss E keeps squirming around though. I think she is looking for a place to put her legs.

Later, I wake up and Spyder is all curled up against me. I don't know whether to lick his forehead or bite him. I jump down with an unsatisfied grrr.

We are going to have to work this thing out!!!


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Author (Milo's Mom) said...

I have a problem trying to find a place for my legs too ~ Milo likes to spread out bigtime!