Sep 6, 2009

Animals and Earthquakes

Honestly, all that stuff about animals knowing about a quake before it happens. I've not seen it. I've sat here with Keli on my bed, a 5 pointer, and she just looked at me all ho-hum.

I didn't know how the new crop of cats would do until tonight (early this morning, ten minutes ago to be exact). I was already up and awake. Jeffery kept meowing to go out. I hate to let him out at night, but he was insistent. I let him out, and settled back down in bed with Ninja cuddled at my side. The bed jiggled, the dresser mirror rattled against the wall. A minute or so later Ninja jumped down from bed.

It didn't last ...long, maybe 10 seconds. I went to the USGS site to check for the quake. It wasn't on there yet, so I waited, refreshed my browser and there it was, Hollister 4.0 Richter scale

So, I wonder. Was that sufficient evidence that my cats felt the earthquake coming, or needed to jump down from the bed because of it? I don't know. Jeffery asks to go out on other middle of the nights, too. Perhaps if I checked USGS each time he did that, then I could accept it if there were some kind of quake reported

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