Sep 9, 2009

Ninja on Guard

I noticed this the other day, and saw it again tonight.

But first get the picture. Ninja has put on weight since he came to live here. He's getting a bit chunky and heavy and slow moving. He would like to play with the others' but makes half hearted attempts. They tear through the house like banshees while he has barely made one swipe towards a mouse that they have carried off with them batting it through the air like a room to room volleyball game.

Since Bambi and Spyder play so hard and so often they have bonded. Bambi is a small size girl. She will be two years old on the day before Christmas. But, she still looks like she might be about 9 months old. She has delicate short legs and tiny paws, a short tail and a sweet round face and head.

When I brought spyder home he was claimed to be 3 months old, but when I took him to the vet, Dr. Neow, can you believe his name? he said Spyder was probably only two months old based on his teeth. In this very short time he has been with us, he now is almost as tall as Bambi. He's slim, but has long legs and long tail. I have a feeling it will be a very short time and he will be bigger than them both, perhaps as large as Jeffrey, who measures 34 inches from nose to tail. I think that is close to one meter.

Due to the bonding between them, I notice that Bambi's mother instinct is active. When she was adopted, I was told she had had kittens at one point, so I think she's got some motherly behaviors developed. I played a youtube vid with live kittens mewing, and she was in her in a flash looking for them and calling them. She also calls Spyder when she can't find him. She will lay on her side sometimes as if welcoming kittens. Keli never did that unless it was hot weather. When she and Spyder play, even though they get rough, she is always the top cat in the end and determines when they will stop, and he respects that.

Ninja has been craving more attention from me, so when I come in from being out, he comes up to me for pets, along with Bambi who has always greeted first. Later this evening after the two angel babies were tired of playing and somewhere in the other room, Ninja came up on the bed nudging me for attention. I picked him up to move him into an easier position to pet him, but he made a complaining sound. In an instant I heard Bambi's collar jingling. Ninja roughly pulled out of my grasp and leaped to the headboard. By this time she was all over him. Amazing how scared he appears to be as he crouches down and growls half heartedly in defense. She realized he hadn't been anywhere near her Spyder, and looked at me, then laid down beside me and kept staring at him until he looked away.

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