Sep 22, 2009

Spyder Cat Monster Adventure.

It been turrible morning. Turrible I tells ya!

Oh yeh, dis is SPyder. We was all hangin' out in da spare room. Elixabet were on da comeputer.

Sudenly a big scary monster came to da bak door. It was open, but scrreen was closeded. Still it big n scarey. So Ninja give da signal. Grrrrrr! let's get outta here. I look at Bambi. SHe no movin' She starin' down dat monster.

I so scared. Ninja say agin, let's go! But, I stand dair waitin' fer Bambi to come away from dat screen door. I no wants her get hurt. She my bestest friend, and I no want sumpin happen to her. She not movin' She jus starin' real hard at monster.

Monster, he got big eyes. He look like very bad guy, Big fur all over. Big ringo tail. He stink so bad. But, he see me. He see Ninja. He see Elixabet an' he not look scared. We got 4. He got 1. He not scared?

Bambi, she very quiet, den she say at monster. "Now I gonna tell you once" she say. "and den you go way very fast. You hear me eow dirdy raccooonn?" she say.

He blink him eyes at her. He hardly don't believe this liddle white cat be so seryus to challenge him! I hardly don't believe it too. Where she get da courage? Don't she know she so small an he so big guy?

Ninja, he be so ready to run. I can tell. We is sticky hair up in airs. But we don't want leave her alone wit monster. Maybe he rip screen an take her away! Maybe he bite her, maybe rip off her pretty white fur. Maybe he tear her face. Oh! soooooo scarey!

We gots to stick together an help each other help out an show Mr Raccoon Monster we not scared! Even tho' we is.

Den, Elixabet, she notice sumpin' goin on. "It about time!" I say. "It about time!" She get up an look, an den I so scaared an Ninja so scared dat Elixabet do dat, we disappear in one second. Zip zip zoom! Whoosh! But, jus one thing. I disappear right into da wall. Well, not eggzackly. I run so hard. no look whair I goin' I smack my head on wall. Ow! Ow! Owie-Ow! I see stars everywhair. How dat happen? I feel weerd, but, I no stop, I keep on goin' zippety-zip.

Den, I forget a secon. I don't know what happen. I suddenly in udder room. Don't member how I gots there. Ninja he hear wit me. Ninja look at me wit big yellow eyes. Are 'eow okay? he say. I guess so, I say.

Den Ninja say, "In not scared. I jus runned away to do famous ninja trick. I sneak like silent Ninja, nobody know I see dem! Follow me. I show eow how" he say at me. So, we peeks aroun da corner an see what Bambi do now.

Bambi gots her pose a quiver pose, she gonna jump that raccoon guy, she gonna really let him have it real hard. She mean it wit all her heart. I think she gonna try and scare him forebber!

But, Elixabet she some rescue! She stand up fast, (never know how dose hoomans do dat wit only 2 legs. How dey keep balance so long?) She make big lion noise. Raccoon scared now and run away. Good thing too, cuz Bambi she pushed up against screen real tight now. I think she was gonna eat up da monster

Me, I a scaredy cat. Ninja he a woosy cat. Bambi. She my hero. She so brave. I got to learn how to do dat.

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Anonymous said...

WOW! Such bravery by all!

Milo and Alfie xx