Sep 21, 2009

Heh! Heh! Heh! Those guys are sleeping again. Lazy Cats! So, I'm writing again today. It's me, Ninja, the Panther in Disguise!

Elizabeth went away for a while today. We were all very curious about her preparations before she left. She went out to the garage and brought back the picnic cooler, and set it down in front of the fish tank. Then, she took a jar and dipped it in, and dumped the fish water into the cooler. We saw her do that before when she took the out and drove it away last month. So, we were waiting for the exciting moment when she would grab the net and catch a fish. It would have been so cool to stand on the side of the picnic cooler and look down on the fishy, like Bambi and Spyder did that time with the Plecostmus. But, we were disappointed when she just closed up the cooler and left the house.

Several hours later, she came back. And, guess what? This time she had fishies in the cooler! LOTS of them!!! They are going to be fun to watch, I'm sure. They are a very deep orange, almost a red color. I know they say that kitties cannot see colors, because we have no rods in our eyes, but that is not true.

I was surprised that Bambi did not spend much time investigating the new fishies. She got bored fast and went to lie down. Spyder, on the other hand, jumped right up on top of the tank, instead of on the bench that sits there just for us to look inside. That little guy usually sits on the bench. When he got up on top, he was looking very hopefully through the cracks in the lid parts. He is very fortunate that he did not fall in, as the top to that tank really isn't very secure. Elizabeth needs to get something better. Especially if Spyder is going to do things like that!

I wouldn't dare jump up on top of the aquarium. I am strong and muscular and outweigh Bambi and Spyder, both. So, I would probably end up going swimming!

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