Sep 8, 2009

Latent Insanity

The insanity has gone underground, or asleep, maybe. I have been able to enjoy a day or two now without feeling such angst. There are others who have died in my life recently and I had to get to the business of taking care of their memorial pages. Even though, it is still focused on a "morbid" subject, I feel I am accomplishing something for the benefit of others.

Last night Ninja kept bothering me. Pushing up against me, acting all nervous. I got up several times to see if there was something he needed. Food in the bowl. Jeffery in the house. All was okay. Finally, he settled down and slept. So did I. About 11 I got up, made my tea and toast and came back to bed to read. Lazy day. Well at least it wasn't crazy day. So, I give myself some slack. Just before noon... earthquake. This one was stronger than the one the day before. When I went to the USGS site and looked it up, I learned the epicenter was just seven miles from me. They say animals are sensitive about quakes. But, why was it only Ninja this time? Last time it was Jeffery.

The angel babies, Bambi and Spyder were asleep both times.

Bambi has a tendency to stay by herself unless Spyder comes along and nudges her to play. Sometimes they get a bit rough. It surprises me. I heard her teeth clunk against his skull tonight. No blood was drawn. Theys jus havin' fun.

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