Sep 16, 2009

Cat Fight

Last night I heard a terrible caterwauling outside the house. It was a serious cat fight. I looked about and realized Jeffery must be involved. Ninja, Bambi and Spyder were standing by the door with hackles raised. They knew it too. I couldn't get out the door fast enough, grabbing my spray bottle on the way. How many cats could I squirt at one time? As it turned out it was the neighbor's kitten, who is older than Spyder, but younger than Bambi.

Jeffery was hunkered down beside the water pipe that attaches to the hose. The neighbor cat had withdrawn when I came outside, but didn't go far. I had to encourage him to leave with the spray bottle. This was a surprise because Jeffery is usually threatening enough that any cat backs away. But, not this time. He had quite a bit of fur tufting out all over, plus a great deal on the ground. I felt so bad for him. I wish he wouldn't beg to go out so much or stay out so long. He doesn't go anywhere but right by the door or in the driveway. I can't imagine what started the rucus.

Today, the hierarchy continued to get changed. Perhaps it is because of what happened last night, or maybe it is just a coincidence but Bambi has taken over as queen of the house. Ninja, as I mentioned before has been her target, but today I saw Jeffery wanting to get past her and did everything he could to avoid her. But, she guarded the hallway and he had no choice. He slunk past her as quickly as possible. Both my older boys are now, (how shall I put it?) pussycat whipped. Now I understand where that phrase really originated!

Bambi better watch out, though. As much as she has been mothering and protecting Spyder, he is gaining on her in the rough play department. He is starting to win their little play sessions. So we shall see who will rule the roost tomorrow.

Just as I finished writing the above and posted, little mister Spyder ran up on the bed, aimed himself for the wall of the closet door and flew. I mean, he flew. And he was able to grab hold with his claws for a moment so that he hung about six feet from the ground on the edge of the wall by the closet, before he voluntarily leaped down.

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