Sep 25, 2009

Firefighter Rescues Cat

Just a picture I found on the internet. Makes me think of Jeffery's rescue from fire.

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Author said...

Awww ~ must have been so scary.

Do you know we actually have an action plan we've discussed so if a fire breaks out we know what to do.

We will each grab a pillowcase from the bed and P will pop Milo in his, and I will get Alfie for mine. Then we will get the fire escape ladder from the wardrobe and hook it on the window, then each will escape down the ladder (through the bedroom window) with a pillow case over our shoulder with our precious cargos (like Father Christmas).

The reason we discussed this just in case, is because our bedroom is a long way from the only escape route through a door. To get through the door we would have to leave the bedroom, cross a mini landing and go through a door, walk along a 50 foot long landing, go through another door, cross another long landing, go down a flight of stairs, then cross a 15 foot hall to the front door, or go through a sliding door to the side door. In a fire it is unlikely we would make it to a door (flames or smoke would prevent us).

And I would NEVER leave the house without my kitties: