Until one has loved an animal, part of the soul remains unawakened

Until one has loved an animal, part of the soul remains unawakened



Getting Even

With the rain we've had all day, there aren't any birds or bugs to watch out the windows.

So, I retired to my boudoir and took some beauty sleep. Certainly, I don't need it, as beautiful a cat as I am. But, I am certain, it is good for all cats to get at least 14 hours of sleep a day.

Humans do not know how to sleep!

Since my boudoir is up on the bookcase headboard above the pillows on Miss E's bed, I have a good view of the room.

So, I wasn't surprised when Ninja jumped up on the bed and nudged his head under Miss E's hand as she was reading.

And, she fell for it!

He was all over her without restraint. getting his belly rubbed and purring and licking her fingers.

I thought ninja's were supposed to show complete composure at all times. But, perhaps it is one of Ninja's mysterious and inscrutable methods of mind control.

Just then, I heard Spyder give a meow to come and look at something, so I quietly leaped down without disturbing the love fest, and went to him.

Spyder had slept in Ninja's round futon bed yesterday and now he was inviting me to try. Little does he know that originally was my bed, so I gladly jumped up and got all curled up, happy and snug as a bug in a rug.


Cat Gifts Bring Good Luck

We were left all to ourselves today.
Miss E got up early, so we knew something different would occur. She was gone many hours and did not return until late evening.

We were bored and slept a lot, except for when Spyder wanted to play. We took turns keeping him occupied, and did not send him out to the garage, even once.

I do believe that Ninja has lightened up on his ninja training. Perhaps it has something to do with the Monk's visit yesterday that has influenced him.

As the hours went by and the sun went down, we were quite lonesome, even though we had each other.

Spyder began to become very concerned. He was afraid Miss E wouldn't come home at all. She had been gone so long. The longest ever we can remember.

I taught him an old magic that mother taught to me, and her mother before her, all the way back to Bastet, the Queen of all cats. Well, there are others, too. But, Bastet is the only one that comes to mind at the moment. As Queen, I should really study this more.

I'm sure many purrsons have observed this magic we cats perform. Some do not understand it, or even like it. But, in our home, it would be more than acceptable. I can smell very old real mouse smell from outside Miss E's doorstep left there in times past by other cats who have brought this same magic to her as a gift. She must have liked it, otherwise there would not have been so many outside mouses left for her.

So, I explained to Spyder that if he leaves a mousie at the door for Miss E, it is the most wonderful loving gift he can give her and she will have good luck from accepting his gift. Plus, it will insure that we all remain here happily.

It took him a long time to decide which mousies to use and he looked all over the house for just the right one. Miss E provides us with many types and colors and styles of mousies.

I can understand why he had a hard decision to make. And, Spyder has a tendency to toss them all about in the midst of his decision making.

He chose several and then proceeded to place one at each doorway. One at the garage door, one at the sliding glass door, one at the hall door, one at the bathroom door, one at the bedroom door, and two at the front door, so she wouldn't miss them when she came in. And she didn't miss them. She stepped on one right away.

She called us in her meowy voice the instant she arrived and we all came running to see what she brought us. We had a wonderful time perusing her purse and shoes and hands. She was with her son, we could tell. So, she must have gone to the big city where the fog lives, Fran Fran Sisco, I believe it is called.

She brought in those lovely plastic bags full of surprises she so often presents to us when she arrives.

When I investigate the bags thoroughly, Miss E calls me the Bag Lady. I certainly am a Lady, no doubt. How could a queen be otherwise? And bags are always filled with such wonderful ingredients. One can hardly resist. There were so many delicious fragrances emanating from them, I was quite enthused. Maybe she had been away a long time, but it was well worth the wait.

When Miss E settled down and we sniffed her clothes, we knew that she visited six other cats from two households. One very shy cat we could barely smell. The other who didn't let her touch, though we could taste where he had bitten her shoe, and four others who's fur fragrance were very evident. Spyder wondered if this meant she was going to bring them to live with us. But, I do not think so.

Ninja mumbled. He didn't want any more new cats to come live with us. But, by the way Miss E greeted us, I don't think she has any more love in her heart to spread around at the moment for other cats. We are plenty cats for her right now.

And because Spyder practiced cat magic,
and left all the mousies in the doorway,
he insured that would be so.

Cats Living Peacefully Together!

I am in a state of great peace of mind.

The Monk was here to visit. I always greet him with the honor of a ninja brother. Though he is not ninja, he has many martial arts training, like myself. And he knows how to greet me with the same honor.

He pretends to not like cats, even says he does not, but he is always talking to me when no one is listening. We are great buddies.

As soon as he walks in the room the whole Chi energy of the house changes.

He understands me and welcomes my greetings. Ah, what a wonderful thing it is to have a friend who knows the inner nature of me.

This morning he hammered on the floor again tearing out the tiles. Naturally, since he does not need my help, I retired to the the lamp table to focus my attentions, and block out the noise. Finally, I took a nap.

When I awoke, I was surprised to see Bambi all cuddled up to the Monk on the sofa.
He was not feeling good, I could tell.
Bambi told me she noticed he worked too hard and had to take a break.
She went over to lie beside him so that she could transfer restful healing to him.
I was concerned and came up to help. I could apply acupuncture with my claws, of course and do some cat healing. But Bambi was quite upset with me for interfering with her. All she had to do, was squeal at me and raise her paw and I understood.

It is appropriate that my queen should command me, but I did think I could have helped. The Monk didn't seem to mind, so I jumped up and sat by the lamp again. It's one of my favorite locations when the lights are on, otherwise there are warmer places to meditate.

Later, the Monk and I played with my new toy. I leaped around for him with many of my ninja techniques. He calls them Aikido moves, and says I know how to block and give properly. Well, yes, of course I do. He is proud of me, and I of him.

It's not a good picture because my head is cut off. But I just wanted to share with you my great ninja muscle tone. As you can see, there is not an ounce of fat on my body. And you see, I can stand up just fine.

Spyder still is not sure about the Monk. He gets confused. He doesn't know whether to hide in the other room or come out and say hello. Mostly, if Miss E is around to comfort him, then he relaxes. He did play with us for a little while, but I told him to back off. I really want quality time with the Monk for myself. And why shouldn't I? The Monk only comes by once a week. It is the happiest time for me, and since we are so well bonded, Spyder doesn't need to interfere.

After the Monk left, I found Bambi sleeping on Miss E's bed, so I joined her. But, she told me to get off in no uncertain terms.

I felt a little rejected and sad. Not only had the Monk left the house not to come back until next week, but now I couldn't even lie down on the bed with Bambi.

So, I walked back and forth on the floor sending hypnotic thoughts to Bambi so that she would fall asleep and eventually she did. Then, I used my ninja powers to levitate myself atop of the other side of the bed and had a nice nap with Bambi, until she woke up, saw me and shot daggers with her eyes. I do ninja disappearing act before she can slap or scream.

Then, the strangest thing happened. I went into the back bedroom to take my rightful place in my round sleeping futon, and who is inside there asleep?

Not my doppelganger! No. It was Spyder!!!

I decided to not act like I was the Queen and let him stay in there for the evening.

I laid down on the bed near him and we were peaceful together on the same bed. I don't mind if he uses my futon as long as he returns it to me in the same condition he found it.

Bambi's Brother Talks

At least it looks like my brother. It's been a while. But, his resemblance to me is uncanny. Isn't it?



I just gots ta share my LOL cheezburger cat pitchur wiff you.

Dat's me, Spyder, in da pitchur I hope you lieks it!

And maybe you vote for it too?

EW!!!               peepul paws iz gross!!
moar funny pictures

Is okay to share wiff your friends!


Cats Interrupted!

We hads a new fing happening today. Bambi say she no like. She say when dis happend befor when she was liddle everthing turn upside down and no more furever home. She say everbody move away. I feel sad but Miss E, say no worry. She say just have to fix kitchen floor some more.

She moving everyfing outta da kitchen.

She moved our shelf, where she keep our supplies, and our noms and our water, all into back bedroom where Ninja liek to sleep.

Ninja say all for him... ha, ha, ha! Bambi say not funny and den she went and eat food and water. I say Nah, Nah to Ninja. He just walk away, tail up in air.

But him meow at Miss E to complain. She pick up and pet him. So I go meow. She pick me up and pet me. But, Bambi, she go sit up in Miss E window.

Den Miss E, she move all da stuff off kitchen table, even telephone, then sweep, sweep, sweep!

I no liek sweeper broom. Bambi say witches take kitteh for ride on brooms. Ninja say no need. He flies, he can take me for ride. I don't fink so!

Den, I so surprise! Miss E move our big heavy condo. It no be in front of kitchen window no more.

Bambi don't mind. I don't mind. But, Ninja mind a lot.

He no can jump to window from floor. He too fat.

No? Ninja say no is fat. Him say he is got lots of muscle cuz he is ninja cat. Okay. So dat why he no can jump up in window. But, he say he liek big sliding glass door window in back bedroom better, ennyway.

So, Miss E. She put condo in living room.

But not near window. Bambi say it okay for her. She like window in Miss E bedroom, better.  I liek it too.

But, I so happy she move condo into living room! I go inside little house and lie downs and take my baff, and nobody bother me. I lieks dis berry much!

So, now, the Monk can come into kitchen and finish tear up da floor. Still him gonna move our fridge. Don't know if Bambi gonna liek dat at all. 

Feline Hierarchy

Top Cat: The Feline Hierarchy in multicat households.

Cat hierarchy plays an important part in how cats in a multicat family get along with each other. 

Of course if you have just one cat, that cat will be the boss cat. 

It is not difficult to be number one when there's no number two. However, if you add another cat to the family, the first cat will not necessary remain be top cat. 

Any further additions to the family will, by definition, force shake things up even more, because the new cat will have to find its own rank in the pecking (and clawing, scratching and biting) order.

When thinking of a multicat family, one has to remember that cats are not as socially easy-going as dogs. Cats are territorial and most cats will

See the rest of the article here

from: Know Your Cat


Chris Mouse Caroling

Ninja, Bambi and Spyder, wishes for you 
the bestest, happiest Chris Mouse day!

It's Queen Bambi's Birthday!!!

On the day before ChrisMouse,
Not a creature was stirring, Well you know about the mouse.
The stockings were rolled in Mamma's bed to help keep her warm
In hopes that her kittens soon would be born.

Then we kittens were nestled all snug in soft warm fur,
While visions of our futures danced in our heads.
And Mamma in her little nest, and we newborns in her lap,
Had just settled our down for a long winter’s nap.

When out in the field there arose such a clatter,
Mama sprang from the nest to see what was the matter.
Her fur up in hackles, her eyes warned a flash,
She glanced around and put on her fierce guard.

The moon on the breast of the new-fallen frost
Gave the luster of mid-day to objects nearby.
When, what to our wondering eyes should appear,
But a miniature sleigh, and eight tiny reindeer.

With a little old driver, so lively and quick,
Mama told us it must be the Chris Mouse.
More rapid than eagles his coursers they came,
And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name!

"Now Dasher! now, Dancer! now, Prancer and Vixen!
On, Comet! On, Cupid! on, on Donner and Blitzen!
To the top of the porch! to the top of the wall!
Now ride to the new kittens so I can see them all!"


You see my friends, it was the day of my birth and that of my dear siblings out there in the field.

I remember it well. Though there are those who think that not possible. I remember my Mama so warm and loving, protecting us from the cold. She worried day and night where we would get food, when a stranger came along and offered us some, and took us all home. It wasn't long before the shelter took us in and helped us find forever homes. We knew we couldn't stay together, but we were happy to go. We said our farewells and began our new lives.

I was adopted by a sweet girl who went to school. We celebrated my first birthday and ChrisMouse with a great deal of joy. I was happy to be growing up, and a short time later I had kittens of my own. Then, I understood the deep love of my Mama, and fierce protection she gave us. Soon it was time to say good bye to my little ones. I still miss them sometimes, but I know they have good forever homes.

Then the day came when my school girl had to say good bye to me, and for a while I lived with her kin. This made me angry and they gave me back to the shelter, where I was unhappy until I met Miss E, and she took me as I was, grouchy and all. At first I scratched her. It was hard to trust, after all. But, I met my hero, Ninja, the all black cat, who I liked right away. He knows I'm a Queen and is there for me whenever I need him. Then along came precious little Spyder. Oh my, what an odd looking kitten with his odd mismatched eyes. He's got all white fur, like mine, but for that little black Mohawk style on the top of his head. Did I mention his strange eyes, one yellow, one blue. I knew he was special right away. We bonded like Mama and kitten, and I protected him fierce. But now he's growing and taking care of himself.

It's been a year of downs and ups, and now I am so fortunate, and grateful. I don't feel angry anymore. I don't bite or scratch. I have a home with beds to sleep on, lots of food or catnip anytime I want, room to play with toy mousies, and Miss E to take care of me, and visits by the Monk, a real special human. Everyone respects me and loves me. What more could a young Queen want?

Now, it's my birthday, a very special day!!! Even Catster is honoring my birthday in their site!

I am two years old by human time, and 24 in cat time.

We're going to have a party to celebrate and my favorite, salmon pie!
Ninja is going to test the cake first to make sure it is safe to eat.

I wish you could all be here, too. I look forward to many more birthdays to come.


Yes, Virginia, there really is a Chris Mouse! 
You can read about him here!


Revealing Ninja Technique

I finds diagram of how Ninja does his ninja flying.

It was on internets. No could link it to da site it was from.

I never see Ninja with breads and butter. But, I sees Miss E with it all da time.

Ninja use speshul anti gravity. Don't know whut dat means.

But, look at diagram. Maybe you knows. Huh?

Then, I finds a pitchur dat Miss E took with her camera.

I thinks this is when Ninja practicing technique while lying in bed, cause he not flying in dis pitchur.


Never a dull moment with our little Spyder Cat! I don't know how he is going to make it to adulthood without us to watch over him. It is frightening how quickly he can endanger himself!

Ninja and I were lying on the bed, me at the foot and Ninja at Miss E's hip. He's been hiding out in the other room a lot lately, so I let him have my space next to Miss E. Though he says he just wants to meditate, I think he gets lonesome.

Spyder was on top of the set of drawers, which is pretty high up and a favorite resting place of mine, too. Ninja is too heavy to leap up there, so he hasn't had the opportunity to have such a great view of the room.

Recently, Miss E put a new collar on our boy. He has never been able to adjust to one. He always managed to hook his jaw underneath whatever collar he was wearing and get it caught, always a frightening prospect! Even though they were supposed to be safety collars, they didn't break away as they were supposed to. (Perhaps the full weight of the cat needs to be pulling on it?) Each time this has happened Miss E caught him just in time.

Ninja and I both wear collars with ID tags and little bells. Though, I suppose the bells are not really necessary, I like them. Miss E can always tell where we are located, especially if we happen to get outside. She is very scared that if we get outside we might not be found before the muscle dog next door would get to us. It was shortly after he smashed into Keli last March when she died, so it is understandable why she is concerned. Though, I don't think Ninja or I would travel far if we got out, perhaps it is not all that safe. We are sorely tempted every day with all the tantalizing smells and noises outside, especially the birds and bugs! Miss E says when springtime arrives she will teach us how to go outside with her on a halter and leash. 

This time, the collar that Miss E bought for Spyder was very stretchy, and it simply fit together by Velcro. So, our young boy adjusted quite well. Miss E always watches him carefully when she introduces a new collar, and we all relaxed. He had been wearing it all week just fine. Even though he scratched at it just a little bit, he said it wasn't uncomfortable, so he didn't try to bite at it. We were all happy that he finally had a collar, and soon he could have an ID tag, too.

So yesterday, Miss E attached a little bell with a little gold circlet to hold it onto the collar. The ID tag hasn't arrived yet. Spyder adjusted to the bell quite well, too. Or so we thought. Thank heavens this didn't happen while we were all asleep. Though I suspect Miss E would have woken up in time to help him, I'm sure it was much better the way it occurred.

Miss E was reading and listening to her music. We like to listen too. Little Mister Spyder was washing himself. "Lickedy Spit" is what he calls it. Silly boy!

Well, old habits die hard is what they say, and they are correct! Suddenly we heard the strangest noise coming from the top of the dresser! I looked up and there was Spyder writhing around. Miss E looked up and began to make danger alert noises. She also puts a soothing calm noise in between. So, even though I was rattled, I didn't try to jump up where Spyder was located in order to investigate. Ninja told me to "Chill". And as he knew Miss E would run to the rescue, he didn't use his Ninja skills to fly about the room. He says the only times he should do that is when it is completely dark anyways.

By the time Miss E got to Spyder, he was up on his hind legs and twisting into an odd shape. I thought he was going to fall right off. Miss E reached up and held him in place just as he turned.

Then I saw it. Not only had he pulled the collar up over his jaw, he had gotten the little round ring that holds the bell caught over his big bottom tooth and chin. Fortunately the collar had already disconnected and was hanging loose. But, there seemed no hope for the ring and the bell caught over his teeth and jaw. Oh, it was terrible to see. My heart was racing! Ninja said my eyes were big as saucers. I didn't tell him that his were also very wide. I couldn't even see the gold of his eyes, they were so wide!

Spyder was bravely trying to deal with the problem, trying to claw at it, but I could tell he was terrified and frantic. I think Miss E was a little terrified too.

Miss E tried to lift the ring off Spyder's jaw, but it was firmly stuck. I wished she could call the Rescue Squad. He seemed to be gagging a bit. Though, later, Ninja explained to me that as uncomfortable Spyder might have been, he certainly could breathe. I think Miss E was trying to figure out how she could get him to an emergency vet when she finally got Spyder pulled off the top of the dresser and he flipped upside down into her arms.

What an amazing miracle! Somehow that ring suddenly was no longer caught over his jaw and tooth! I stood up and looked down on the floor and there was the collar with the bell still attached. Poor Spyder was quite traumatized. Miss E held him close to her like a little human baby and cooed at him until he calmed down. We were all so relieved and grateful!

It was then that she got Spyder's mouth open to take a look at the damage. Another miracle! No cuts or bleeding. Spyder is a very lucky kitten. We are all very lucky that he is okay. In fact, he is doing so well that we've all been playing chase, and Spyder got Miss E to play Throw the Mousie with him! You know how he loves to get the mousie and bring it back to her so she can throw it again! He never tires of that game. Though, I sometimes wonder if Miss E's arm gets tired.

After all this, Ninja went back to his snuggle bed in the other room. It's the one that used to be mine, but I let him use it ever since I got my little boudoir, which is so much more comfy. Then, Spyder did something he has never done before. I was taking a little nap, and he was lying near me. He was washing himself, and then suddenly he came over and started kissing and washing my forehead.

What a sweet little boy he is!


See A discussion on Catster about cats getting their jaws caught on their collars


Chaos Cats

It been so disturbin' taday! Las' night Miss E and the Monk, they wents to da movies. It so cold and we miss them. They come home and talkin' bout AVATAR movie, and it sound very good. Dey said that wild cat critter saved da planet in da end of movie and dat was good enuff fur me. I finks I like dis movie, too. I gonna be da AVATAR cat when I gets growed up!

Ninja say, No, I be ninja like him. Bambi say, no, I can be AVATAR if I want to. Good movie has wild cat in jungle who help save the people, save da planet so dat is a good fing.

We notice Miss E, she no feel good. We all worry bout her, cause she smell like no air enuff to breave. So we walkin' all round her and makin' cat magic. Both Bambi and Ninja say is very good to healing peoples. Cat magic is best if cat can sit on lap and purr the healing into purrson. But, no could do las night cuz the Monk, he was helpin her feel better. But, she have to go bed, so den we all get on bed and makin' cat magic for her feeling better. Soon she and Monk happy and talkin bout AVATAR movie and how dey gonna go back and see it again. Dat makes me wanna see it, too. But Bambi, she say be long time, cuz we dont ebber wants ta go in such a place as movie house. We gots ta wait until AVATAR comes to DVD, then we see here at home on TV.

But, Ninja he say he wuz listenin' ta what dey say bout movie and maybe cant be on DVD cuz they gots to wear speshul glasses ta watch in movie house, so how can watch on TV without speshul glasses? Huh? Dat a big question. Well, we watches other fings on TV all da time. I likes ta watch the show where dey havin' the buzzer or da bell. Bambi say dey is game shows. And I likes ta watch the dancing shows too. Ninja say I watch too much TV. But, How he know? He never watch TV.

Taday we wakes up and the Monk, he down on floor scrape scrape scrape, pound pound scrape. He making pieces of floor fly all around every where. We all is scared. Well, cept fur Bambi. She hungry and she walk through all the broken pieces of floor and she go to food and eat her brekfust, and she come back and wash her paws, den she go up in her window and get warm in sun. She so daring. Ninja say today is Kay ohs.

No, he say that not how spell it. Ninja teachin me how ta spell better now. He say me spelling is a troshush...Chaos and atrocious Ninja say today has much chaos. and my spelling is atrocious.

I agree it much chaos with the Monk smashin da floor like dat all day many hours. He never give up. Work, work work! and very much noisy. I go out in garage. Den, Miss E, bring me inside. Put me in Bedroom with favorite harp music playing. She say harp music good for kittie brains. I like dat, but wish Bambi came be with me. But she don't mind all da chaos dat happeninng in da kitchen. Da floor not all smooth like before. Now is cement like garage. Now is more cold floor.  I hopes they gonna do sumpin ta fix it better.

I feel all better now to lie on bed and listen ta harp music.

Quoted from an article found at msnbc published Jan. 7, 2008 entitled

Pets Enjoy the Healing Power of Music

The healing power of music has long been established in people. Now a handful of harpists throughout the country are harnessing that power for animals.

Alianna Boone is one of those musicians.

“The structure of the harp is considered to be the most healing instruments next to human voice,” said Boone, an Oregonian who plays for ill family pets and produced a CD "Harp Music to Soothe the Savage Beast."

While anecdotal reports abound, Boone conducted one of the few studies on harp music’s effect on animals. In 2000, she performed for recently hospitalized canines at a Florida veterinary clinic. The hour-long sessions immediately began to lower heart rate, anxiety, and respiration in many cases, she said.

Further excerpt here:

"Harp of Hope," a collection of 17 songs, was originally recorded for people but Diane Schneider decided to release an animal edition last year after owners reported it helped their arthritic dogs dogs fall asleep and calmed their agitated cats.

Veterinary hospitals also acknowledged the CD's success in soothing nervous pets  and their owners.

She said every detail of the instrumentals — the tempos, rhythms, keys, note intervals, chord structures and plucking techniques — are carefully arranged to promote progressive peace and relaxation.

Animals usually begin to relax after listening for just a few minutes.

Schneider recommends playing the music on an as-needed basis or before a stressful situation, such as a veterinary or grooming appointment.

“I’m hopeful that there will be a great increase in the use of this benevolent therapy,” said Schneider. “It is a very cost effective, beneficial, soothing, calming intervention for animals and the people who love animals.”


Jerusalem Cricket and Cats

I went out to the garage to see if Spyder was out there. He has found a trash can to his liking which is lying on it's side sitting on top of a box. I think sometimes Ninja gets tired of his wanting to play chase so much, and so he chases him in there and warns him to stay and not come out. I can't think of any other reason. There are plenty of good kitty hiding places around the rest of the house to be found, that it does not necessitate sleeping in the garage. Besides, it is COLD in there! I used to climb to the very top boxes and study the various insects in the garage, but that was in the summertime. It bothered Miss E to no end. So I stopped my visitations. Besides there were plenty of bugs inside the house to keep me happy. Not to mention the flying ones I could see through the window screens.

Perhaps Ninja is trying some other sort of ninja training on Spyder by sending him out to the garage for such long periods of time. But, I don't see the point.. Is it so that Spyder learns to be stoic sitting in the cold inside that trash can? It is a white trash can after all. So maybe that is the only way that Spyder can take on the lessons of ninja invisibility. He cannot very well hide in the dark as he is white, and traditional ninja cats are black, according to Ninja. I often wonder what makes Ninja qualified to teach Spyder the way of the ninja. He says he attended a dojo and had trained masters. One from Japan and one from Tibet. But, they were dogs, and they don't know how to be very quiet if you ask me. I never knew a dog who could be quiet. Even the quietest among them made tippy tappy sounds with their feet, when they walked. They never walked on silent pads as we do, and we have much longer claws than dogs. So, I don't know how Ninja's Masters, or Sensei as he calls them, could teach him true ninja ways. I hope Ninja is not living under delusions of grandeur.

As I previously mentioned, I went out to the garage to see if Spyder was there, and he was. But, he wasn't tucked into his wastebasket as I thought he would be. He was over by the giant door where the car is supposed to drive in, but never does. There is quite a cold wind that comes under that door. I told Spyder he should get away from that door, but he didn't listen to me. If I were not such a nice and compassionate queen, I should have commanded him to get away. But if you have read what occurred the other day, then you know I only command under dire emergencies.

Spyder was sniffing something on the floor by a box. I couldn't see it, as he was in the way. But, I could hear it making some sort of thumping noise. That is, until Spyder nudge whatever it was with his nose. He looked over at me and said, "My Queenie Lady, what is that thing?"  Sometimes he forgets and calls me Queenie, but I don't mind.

I proceeded over toward it, braving the cold wind from the door. Brrrr!  I was surprised to see an unusual looking creature. I do believe I might have seen one like it a year ago sometime, but I do not recall the exact circumstances. I know it was singular like this one. Some insects gather together and overtake an area, like the ants. But, not this one. It was quite large. Larger than any other bug I've seen. I don't understand what it was doing there. Usually insects are not likely to traverse about in the cold.

Some might think that a Lady such as myself would not care for insects. Nonetheless, being a cat, I find them infinitely fascinating. I prefer the flying ones myself. Spyder, of course, is interested in the eight legged creatures, which are not insects at all, but that is another discussion.

Ninja tells me that I am referring to the Jerusalem Cricket, not really a cricket at all, but a beetle, and this is what they are commonly called. He seems to know quite a lot about them. He said it was his passion to study this type of creature when he was younger and has seen them often over the years. Ninja has a lot of wisdom for one with his interests. He says it it necessary to be as informed at possible to be a good ninja. And he has about 40 cat years of learning and education under his black belt. Miss E says that he just had his eight birthday in October. I look forward to the day when I can be so knowledgeable.

My birthday is coming up very soon. On the 24th, Christmas Eve I was born two years ago. I am still quite a young queen, but since I have had kittens, I am quite qualified to be a queen.

I did a little research when Miss E was not at the computer and found a couple of sites that explains more about them. I went to Wikipedia but the article didn't seem terribly complete. So I found this one simply called Jerusalem Cricket. It is from the San Diego Natural History Museum Field Guide. The other much more informative site is "Ask Dr. Bug". An appropriate name. Don't you think?

While I was seeking out this information, Ninja went out to the garage to investigate. I have no idea what his interest in bugs might be. I think he slays them in the middle of the night while they sleep. However, that being said, I suspect he might have attempted to slay the unfortunate fellow visiting our garage. When I returned, he was quite inactive. And much later, I saw him scuffled across the floor, his body a bit mangled. I was surprised that Spyder did not try to eat him as he does everything else he can get his little baby teeth into. Though when I asked him, he said he decided to not bother, as the Jerusalem Cricket had a terrible odor to it. I do believe that Spyder is maturing a bit to be able to make such a decision and not give into his insatiable curiosity. Don't you? I do believe by this time he would have been quite dessicated, except for the fact that Miss E found him and took his body outside somewhere.

If you should find a Jerusalem Cricket, there is a scientist doing research who would like you to send him a live specimen. See the above mentioned Ask Mr. Bug site, for further information.


Kitty Destruction, Ninja Cat's Side of the Story

It wasn't me, the great Ninja who was naughty, it was that kitten, Spyder. When Miss E, leaves the house, she always leaves me in charge. Queen Bambi usually goes off to her boudoir to rest, or whatever it is that queen cats do.

So that leaves me and Spyder. He is always wanting to play. But, he needs to learn the way of the ninja, learn to control his powers, and learn to walk across walls in the dark. So, you see, I am a very well disciplined cat. I am trying my best to teach him, but he would rather run and play.

So to comply with his need for rough house, I indulged him. It turned into a disaster. While playing chase, I guess I am a little too fast for the poor boy, because when I ran into the table, he intended to leap over it, and instead, he knocked it over. I gave him a little fake nip on his tail and he squeaked so much that Lady Bambi came after me with a vengeance. She cats can get very much like mother tigers when it comes to the youngsters.

Needless to say I would never hurt her majesty. So, to let her feel secure in her position as queen of the household, I pretended to be frightened of her. She almost had me cornered when my claws accidentally pulled the carpet out from under the sofa, and neither of us could put it back where it belonged. I had intended to use that opportunity to demonstrate to Spyder the whirling claw technique, but he was hiding in the kitchen, he never saw it. Oh, the frustrations of a Sensei. He must learn to focus! I retired to my room and under the bed to meditate

A short while later, I heard Spyder and Bambi playing, when I heard a sudden crash, then, a splash! I was out there in a flash! If they needed protecting there I was with my saber sharp teeth bared. 

Imagine my shock to learn that little Spyder managed to tear the top off the aquarium and toss the lights into the water. It really made quite a scene. Lucky those were safety lights. Obviously, Spyder has some hidden talents that could be honed.

I've really been remiss in teaching him to quietly attack and leave no evidence and to behave in an honorable manner. When Miss E came home she thought some hooligans had been in the house.

I've spent all evening consoling her at her bedside.

So as you can see, in our household one is naughty, one is nice and one is NINJA!


Kitty Cat Destruction!

oboy oboy oboy. I was so surprise taday! Miss E went away to doctor. Again!!! So we be by ourself a long time.

Dis what happen when Miss E gone a long time. Ninja try become the boss. He trying teach me be ninja, too. But, Our Lady, Bambi, she say I no be the kinda kitty can be a ninja. Mebbe I agree, but sumtimes I want ta try be ninja. Bambi say me too liddle, not grow up all da way. I fink I is big boy, but she say, I just big fer me age.Sumtimes is fun. But, sumtime it hurt me to fly and hit da wall. I rather watch TV insted!

So, Ninja, he show me he is boss. He sit by food all day. No let me to eat my lunch. I try and try, but Ninja, he say I got to tuffin myself. No eat, be strong. No be sissy kitty. Dis while Queen Bambi sleepin. When she wake up she come ta eat. I lets her eat cuz she Our Lady Queen, an I reespects her most much. So, I go to look out window, but Ninja, he follow me and say we can play chase.

I always like play chase, so we play chase. We run so much all over house. Big fun fun. But, Ninja he bump right into table in hallway jus as I was flying over it. Oboy oboy. Dat table hurt me and fall down on middle floor where da sparks falled from ceiling da other day.

Den Ninja, he run hide under bed. I say, "Why you do dat?" He say gots to practice ninja medit tayshun. He say I shood medi tayt too. Need calm. Need rest after bump ourselves. He say, "You no dizzy?" I say no, but is liddle bit dizzy. But, no wannt medi tayt, still wanna play.

So, I runs to Bambi. She like ta play wit me sumtimes, too. So, I run at her. She all ready, and she fink I gonna go right, but I go left and I leap high up on top of glass fish house. But, I too dizzy!! I miss da safe place! And I land in danger place!! Den da fish house losed it's roof and lights!!! Dey roof and lights all fall down inside fish house and git all wet!!! I berry surprise so much I feel buzzy-fuzzy all weird and strange! Buzzzzz.

Bambi all worried, eyes all big! Ninja come running. Bambi, she get all serious.

She say "git down from dere! Get down right now! Danger! Danger!

She, da Queen, Command me! I obay. Jump down all wet. Bambi, she come kissy my nose and lick. But, I big boy, I licks all me wet fur meself.

So, den Miss E, she come home. We all go meet her. But, not Ninja, he sittin at food again. Miss E got no baggies dis time, but her perse smell really different. So, me and Bambi, we sniff sniff all over and sniff sniff Miss E's fingers before we let her pet us. Dat's proper cat way ta do fings, say Queen Bambi. And Miss E, she learnt her cat manners berry good... sumtimes.

Uh, Oh, den Miss E look round and see da carpet where we taired it up. I forgets ta tell you bout dat. Ninja likes ta bite me on my buttsy, and dat hurts and me cry out. Den Bambi get mad at Ninja and chase him and bite him for me. when she do dat, Ninja scrach him claws fast tryin ta git away from her so when he do dat, carpet came up in air and fold down not flat no more.

Miss E, she see dat and she figure we do dat, and fix it. She hurry to put perse away and stop hard in the hallway. How dat happen she say. Ninja still in kitchen at food. He mumble, "not me. I ninja, not be sloppy. It was Spyder." But, Miss E. She no hear him. She fink it big mystery and go look at back door. Is it lock? Yes. Is computer where it belong? Yes. Whaat big mystery it is to her. I try tell her it me who done it. I rub her legs and she pet me sore bump on head and forgiv me.

Den after purse put away, she turn and first time she notice da glass fish house! She notice da fish house roof, it all fall down, and big glass lights all fall down, both inside da water far down. And lights still bright and glowing. Bambi tell her, Danger! Danger! So Miss E, she grab unplug lights. Den she pull dem out and put on towels. Bambi she gonna go sniff, maybe taste da fish water on turn off lights. But, Miss E, she hiss at her. Miss E, she know how ta hiss jus like us cats, pretty good. So Bambi stick her nose up in air and walk away from Miss E. She say she no was gonna reely go right there. Was only curious. And Miss E insult her. Queen Bambi, she gots hurt feelings and goes lie down on Miss E's bed ta show her she da queen of da house. Miss E gots ta learn dat.

Miss E decide to straiten up all messy blankets on bed. I likes dem dat way, but she don't know. She know now Bambi is Queen, and she puts blankets all flat everywhere cept where Bambi sittin. Den, Ninja, he jump up on bed. Miss E is fixing pillows now, and I wants to jump up on bed. But, Ninja he warn me, he growl.

Well, Bambi, she say she TIRED of Ninja growling and trying to keep away, and she leap fast fast across bed to scrape him. Miss E hold still, not move and watch. I be standin on me back legs all up tall so I see what happen nex. Ninja, he stop on corner of bed. He say he ninja and not give in. He stay there. He growl, but more quiet this time. Bambi, she stand over him. He growl some more. She make higher noises and whisper some insults at him, then she say, I Queen.. Obay me. Ninja jump down, and one last time Bambi take a swipe at him. But, Ninja all gone now, back to other room on other bed.

I look at Bambi wid new more more ree spect. She amazing! She make Ninja get off bed. She say, Spyder can jump on bed now. But, I don't know. She scare me. Maybe, I stay on floor. I see Miss E move over to corner of bed where Ninja was, and she pick up puffs of Ninja fur. I never see Bambi tear out Ninja fur! She move so fast fast!!!

So den, Miss E, she put Ninja in other bedroom, pet pet him and he purr purr, den she close door. She go in her room. Bambi sit on bed. Miss E pet pet Bambi too, den close door. I all nervous. What she gonna do wid me? She come to me, sweep me up in her arms. I get happy. I purr and purr. She open speshul can of kitty baby food so I get good growing up nootrishun. She so nice ta me. I broked her fish house and she still love me.


Meowy Christmas Kitty Songs

Have you heard of Jingle Cats?

They are wonderful kitties sing Christmas Carols. Silent Night, What Child is This?, Hava Nagila, Angels, and the classical ballet, Waltz of the Flowers!

You will see some advertisement first for the DVD's, but they very quickly move on to the entertainment.

We think they are very delightful. We were quite intrigued when we heard them singing. We couldn't help but get up and look all around looking for the singing cats! We searched everywhere! We were quite the captured audience. We are sure you will enjoy these!


Housefire Cats

Oh, my! What a day this has been! Or shall I say, Evening? We certainly had a bit of a fright. Ninja and I were on the bed in the spare room. The bed is all nice and toasty in there. Miss E keeps the electric blanket on for us when it is cold, and it most definitely has been frigid. Temperatures have been freezing. I am so grateful that I am not an outdoor cat, as I was in my early kittenhood. It was a world of terrible danger for kittens, as my mother, Queen Island Fur, told us.  Feral cats name themselves and that is why my mother had that unusual name. I do not know what her human name became because we were separated when we were all brought to the shelter, except for my brother, Sir Patch Face who remained well hidden. I do hope he is not out there in the cold this evening.

Oh, yes, back to the goings on at our home tonight. As I mentioned before, Ninja and I were resting upon the spare bed, when we saw a bright flash of light out in the hallway, and at that very moment the ceiling light fixture vibrated quite loudly. And, then, POP! Instantly we sat up. I was stunned to say the  least. Ninja was as wide eyed as I was. Then, as we looked out into the hall we saw sparks falling to the carpet. Ninja said, "Don't worry, My Lady. I'll save you." He jumped off the bed and ran past the hall and out through our little swinging door to the garage. I'm not sure how he expected to save me by leaving me alone like that. Being a ninja, he must have had a plan. I have learned that he has unfathomable behaviors because of his ninja training.

As the sparks were falling onto the carpet, Miss E ran in from the kitchen with Spyder right behind her. The little fellow was terrified and ran right past her and through the little door into the garage. Miss E quickly stomped on the sparks, saving the carpet and ourselves. What a heroine she is. I'm proud of her.

In the meantime, with Spyder running out to the garage, I believe it must have foiled Ninja's plan for protecting me from harm as he hurried back into the house and up onto the bed and sat beside me with Spyder following right behind. Much to my surprise, Miss E quickly closed the door on us. In a way, we were most grateful that we were not required to witness any more. Though, we could hear her open her closet and grab clothing off the hangers. She then, made a telephone call. I think she was discussing the incident with someone. But, she didn't stay on the telephone for long.

She came rushing into our room groping around in the dark, and picked up Spyder and his carrier, then left the room. Soon, she was back to carry me, and my carrier into the other room. Well, I am well educated enough, that I understood what would occur next and I was not about to be treated so unceremoniously. I immediately protested and held myself firm, as any queen wanting to preserve her dignity would do! But, Miss E was quite persuasive in her pursuit of me and her desire to protect me, as she then let me know. So, I then went willingly into my carrier as she gave me the necessary push to lock the gate behind me. She then ran out of the room and had quite a time extracting Ninja from under the bed where he was practicing his ninja invisibility. But, she was quite determined. She must have honed senses because before I knew it Ninja was calling loudly to her, some not very nice names. Thank heavens I do not know the secret language of the ninja cats, or I might have been embarrassed and offended.

Miss E took us all outside placing us beside the front door in the rain, and hurried back into the house to bring her purse and laptop. Apparently the operator on the telephone call had told her to vacate our home. She went to her automobile and backed it out away from the house and was just beginning to move us into it when a very large and noisy vehicle appeared on the scene. Some men arrived dressed in very odd attire. So, Miss E was not able to put us in the back seat of the car where we would have been more comfortable. Instead we were a bit bombarded by rain jumping through the breathing holes on the sides of our carriers, and worst of all through our front gates. Ninja was now chanting loudly. He does this occasionally. He has told me it is a centering exercise, but I find it quite disturbing and quite unsettling. I just tucked myself into the back of my carrier being careful to not permit the raindrops to muss my beautiful white fur. I could see little Spyder catty corner below and across from me, as my carrier was atop Ninja's, as it should be, of course. Miss E is very respectful of my position that way, and follows proper protocol. It was interesting to observe little Mr. Spyder's reaction to all this. He does not care if he gets wet and he had his nose stuck right through the spaces of his gate. He was very curiously watching everything that was going on. Though, I could tell he was a bit nervous. We were all glad to be safe, even if it was cold and raining.

Soon the men left the premises and Miss E returned us to our home environment. There was a terrible odor which still emanated from the hallway, not so much from the carpet as the sparks has not had the opportunity to do much but little damage, which we all later inspected. The odor was from the curly light that had been hanging from the fixture and explodes. Miss E called it mercury vapor, and opened the windows and doors to let the odor leave. Of course she kept the screens closed so that we would not run out. But, foolish woman, we would all have more sense than that!

(Curious Mr. Spyder inspects carpet for damage)

We have all learned very valuable lessons. Please take heed.

If our people are dressed in their night attire, they must have quick access to warm clothing just in case they have to hurry outside in the cold during an emergency. Since they do not have fur, they catch a chill quite easily. Nothing is more disturbing than a shivering human. We can completely understand how uncomfortable it must be for them especially if they are rained upon.

They also must have their purses, keys, identification and credit cards all in one place so they wont spend time hunting for them, therefore have more opportunity to rescue the important things in their lives, like we cats!

It is best if they have flashlights (or torch lights) in every room in case it is too dark for them to see. Humans cannot see in the dark as we do, and they spend more time groping around in the dark, too.

If you have a laptop, do what Miss E did. She had her computer case in her closet close to her laptop which she unplugged and put into the case, though she chose to leave the cord behind as it was tucked between furniture. She was clever and fast about that.

Since she had such a difficult time getting our carriers open in the dark while trying to hold onto us, she has learned that it is best to leave the carriers unlocked when not in use to make any further possible emergency situations run more smoothly. Though, I am a little bit wary about that. Ninja tells me he often has dreams that the carriers will someday swallow us. And if the gates are left open, I think he might have more dreams, and he certainly makes enough noises when he is sleeping already. He must have been through some terrible times before he came to live with us. It seems he is always fighting off some monsters or doggers in his sleep.

That was enough adventure for all of us. Now we are all settling down with Miss E on her bed. I hope she doesn't squirm around while she is sleeping tonight. It is so uncomfortable when she does so. Then, we all have to reposition ourselves all over again!


Cats, Chocolate, Caffiene and Other Dangerous Substances


Many drugs that are safe in people or dogs can be extremely toxic to your cat; dosages are often very different, and cats have metabolic differences that make many common drugs very dangerous to them.  Simple Aspirin and Tylenol, for example, can be FATAL to cats Under dosing drugs, such as antibiotics, can lead to an ordinary infection becoming resistant to treatment. There, please DO NOT administer any drug or medication to your cat without the specific instruction from  your veterinarian.

Early, thorough diagnosis and treatment by a qualified veterinarian will provide any animal the greatest chance for cure or control of specific problems. One of the greatest frustrations for veterinarians (and clients too) is to be called upon to treat a patient which has been "treated" by an owner over a period of time. Often home therapy allows a condition to become advanced, resistant to treatment or the strength of the patient becomes weakened as to make it very difficult if not impossible, to render a cure. This cure could have been obtained if care had been sought in a forthright fashion. In these cases, the cost of treatment is often greatly increased due to the more intensive nature of the care then required.

The following is a list of home medications that should not be used in cats. It is not meant to be a comprehensive list, but rather to provide caution against many medications often contained in home medicine cabinets.


Sources Many prescription and over-the-counter brands of analgesic and antipyretic drugs contain acetaminophen or its ethyl ether, phenacetin. Examples are Tylenol, SineAid, SineOff, Anacin-3, Comtrex, Daytril, Nyquil, Allerest, and Vanquish.

Mechanism of action Phenacetin is metabolized to acetaminophen. Acetammophen is metabolized by enzymes of the cytochrome P-450 series to intermediate products: nonreactive glucuronides and sulfates (which are conjugated and eliminated in the urine), and reactive metabolites, which are metabolized with glutathione to nontoxic mercapturic acid (which is eliminated). If the toxic metabolites accumulate as a result of insufficient glucuronide or sulfate metabolism or insufficient glutathione, they are converted to toxic macromolecules that directly cause cellular death. Cats lack glucuronyl transferase and inefficiently form glucuronic acid and sulfate conjugates, leaving more acetaminophen or phenacetin to be metabolized to toxic metabolites. The glutathione stores are rapidly depleted in cats, leaving a large amount of toxic metabolites. Methemoglobinernia occurs.

Clinical signs Acute signs in cats are related to methemoglobin formation, whereas acute signs in the dog are related to hepatic damage. Toxicity is mainly seen in cats when even a small amount of acetarninophen is ingested (half of a 325 mg tablet for a 3.5 kg cat); dogs can usually tolerate dosages up to 100 mg/kg. Signs include cyanosis (which is caused by methemoglobinemia), dyspnea, facial edema (a hallmark of acetaminophen poisoning mechanism unknown), depression, hypothermia, vomiting. Signs may progress to weakness, coma, and subsequently death. Increased ALT from hepatic damage may be seen.

Treatment Since the toxic metabolites bind preferentially with glutathione rather than cell macromolecules, supplying a glutathione precursor is an important part of treatment. N-Acetylcysteine provides the cysteine needed for glutathione synthesis and also increases serum sulfate levels, which supplies sulfate for conjugation. Ascorbic acid is used to change methemoglobin to reduced hemoglobin. Acetarninophen is rapidly absorbed and reaches peak blood levels within 30 to 60 minutes; emesis is performed immediately after ingestion (if possible), and a saline cathartic is given. Steroids should not be given because they have been reported to cause a dose-dependent increase in mortality. Antihistamines have been reported to be contraindicated.

ANTIHISTAMINES AND DECONGESTANTS (PSEUDOEPHIDRINE, CONTACT, BENADRYL, CHLOR-TRIMATON, etc.) Dosages are not well established in cats for these drugs,   and these should not be used without express consent from a veterinarian.  These drugs can cause depression, , hyperexcitability, , vomiting, fever, muscle tremors, rapid or depressed heart rates, disorientation, and seizures.


Sources Many analgesic, antiinflammatory, antipyretic, and anticliartheal (Pepto-Bismol) agents that contain salicylates are sold as OTC preparations. Some keratolytic products contain salicylates.

Mechanism of action Acetylsalicylic acid inhibits cyclooxygenase, which then inhibits production of certain prostaglandins, including protective prostaglandins of the E series. High levels are known to directly stimulate the respiratory center (early) to cause an initial respiratory alkalosis. High doses are also known to uncouple' oxidative phosphorylation and may cause hyperglycemia and glycosuria.

Clinical signs The biologic half-life of aspirin is 7.5 to 8 hours in dogs and 38 to 45 hours in cats at a dose of 25 mg/kg/day. The toxic dose in cats is >25 mg/kg/day in cats and >50 mg/kg/day in dogs. Signs are noted within 4 to 6 hours after ingestion of a toxic dose and include depression, vorniting, anorexia and lethargy, tachypnea (caused by initial respiratory alkalosis), and hyperthermia. The vomitus may be blood-tinged from GI ulceration. CNS depression leads to muscle weakness and ataxia; coma and death can occur within I or more days. Gastrointestinal ulceration or perforation may be seen after the administration of repeated doses over several days' duration. Anemia, bone marrow depression, Heinz body formation (cats), and toxic hepatitis may occur.

Toxic signs may be seen at doses of Pepto-Bismol >7 mL/kg/day in dogs and cats. Two tablespoons of PeptoBismol contain the salicylate equivalent of one 5-grain aspirin tablet.

Treatment There is no specific antidote. The stomach should be emptied by induction of emesis or lavage if within <2 hours of ingestion though there are literature reports that gastric evacuation may be of value up to 12 hours after ingestion of enteric-coated aspirin preparations. Multiple-dose activated charcoal is warranted. Acid-base balance is corrected as needed; diuresis is instituted. Alkalinization of the urine with sodium bicarbonate can be done to hasten urinary excretion, though this requires intense monitoring and is difficult to achieve safely. Peritoneal dialysis allows direct removal of salicylic acid from serum. Gastric ulceration or perforation is treated as needed.


Sources  Cooking, baking, candy, landscaping (with cacao shells), white chocolate (negligible amounts of theobromine), sweetened milk chocolate (1/10 the amount of theobromine as found in unsweetened chocolate, approximately 45 to 60 mg/oz), semisweet or dark chocolate contains 130 to 185 mg/oz. Unsweetened (baking) chocolate (450 mg/oz), cocoa powder (150 to 600 mg/oz); coffee, tea, soft drinks.

Mechanism of action  Theobromine inhibits phosphodiesterase, which results in increased cAMP and release of catecholamines. Caffeine directly stimulates the myocardium and central nervous system. It also causes a competitive antagonism of cellular adenosine receptors. Increased muscle contractility is caused by increased entry of calcium and inhibition of sequestration by the sarcoplasmic reticulum (mechanism unknown). Benzodiazepine receptors in the brain are competitively antagonized.
Clinical signs


A slight increase in blood pressure is seen. Bradycardia or more commonly tachycardia occurs, and myocardial dysrhythmias, especially ventricular premature beats, are possible. Central nervous system excitability, manifested as nervousness, excitement, tremors, seizures, and ultimately coma, are seen. Panting and urinary incontinence are also possible. Death occurs within 6 to 24 hours with acute exposure. With chronic ingestion (over several days), death may result from cardiac failure.


Tachycardia, tachypnea, hyperexcitability, tremors, seizures, premature ventricular beats. Dilatation of coronary, pulmonary, and systemic vessels may cause congestion or hemorrhage. The lethal dose for caffeine is 150 mg/kg for dogs, cats, and people.

Treatment   No antidote exists; treatment is supportive. Emesis is used and may be effective even after several (4 to 6) hours have passed since ingestion; gastric lavage is useful if emesis is only partially productive or contraindicated. Activated charcoal is useful and can significantly decrease the half-life of theobromine. Diazepam is used to control tremors, anxiety, or seizures. Bradycardia is treated with atropine; tachycardias are treated with lidocaine, metoprolol, or propranolol. The urinary bladder should be catheterized to prevent reabsorption of theobromine through bladder mucosa. Fluids are given as part of supportive treatment.

HORMONES These are often found in homes to treat many different human problems, but for some reason, owners seem tempted to give these medications to their cats. Dosages for most all hormones are so radically different and require such specificity of diagnosis that one should be encouraged to resist any temptation to give a hormonal medication to a cat.


Ibuprofen,(Motrin, Advil, Nuprin, Vick's DayQuil), phenylbutazone (Bute, Butazolidin), naproxen (Naprosyn, Aleve), indomethacin, piroxicam (Feldene).

Clinical signs Abdominal pain, lethargy, anemia, melena, and hematernesis are most commonly seen with GI irritation and ulceration. If perforation has occurred, clinical signs may include abdominal pain, perhaps a fluid wave, shock, injected sclera, brick-red mucous membranes, and tachycardia. Temperature may be elevated or depressed. Pulses may be bounding or weak and thready.
Clinical signs associated with acute renal failure include hyposthenuria or isosthenuria, renal tubular cell casts in the urine sediment, or glucosuria without hyperglycemia. Urine gammaglutamyltransferase (GGT) will be elevated. These early signs of acute renal failure will be followed by increasing BUN and creatinine, electrolyte disturbances, and possibly oliguria or more rarely polyuria. Occasionally, increased alanine aminotransferase (ALT) and alkaline phosphatase (ALP) may be seen

OVER-THE-COUNTER WORMERS  are old drugs used decades ago. Most have toxicities not seen with today's modern and safer wormers prescribed by veterinarians.  Many over-the-counter womers cause weakness, staggering, difficulty breathing, vomiting, tremors, seizures and death.  Use ONLY wormers prescribed by your veterinarian after performing a fecal analysis to determine the appropriate wormer for the particular parasite, as different worms require different treatments.

PEPTO-BISOMOL Because this product contains salicylate which is similar to aspirin, toxicity and death can occur in cats.

PHOSPHATE ENEMA (FLEET) These enemas can cause serious electrolyte disturbances and cause death within an hour or two of administration. 

This information comes from:
Max's House