May 11, 2010

Flower Cats

We has flowers! We has flowers outside in da garden, lots of dem. We smell dem ebery day. We see all diffrunt kinds from all our windows and doors. But, now we gots flowers inside da house, too!!

 Dis is a berry speshul week for flowers. Mr. X brought big long red ones to Miss E yestaday. She say, "oooh, Roses!" She so happy! Dey is purrty, but dey is tall and dey is not good for sniffing cos dey is too tall.

It's more easy to sniff da ones dat Miss E cut from da garden and brought into da house. She puts dem on da kitchun table.

Da last time der was any thing like dis in da house, I gots in trubble cos I eated dem. And I did it ebery chance I got. So, Miss E putted da ad in da freecycle and gaves dem all away. Some lady and man came ta gets dem. Dey was berry happy.

And I was berry sad, cos I liked to eated da plants. But, now I am big kitty mancat. So I wonts eated no more plants. I be a good kitty. Just sniffey dem.

Everyfing was so intresting. Three differunt kinds of flowers Miss E brought in. Bambi say dey was Peruvian Lilies and da other was sumpin she don't know. But, da best one I lyke da best was da one called Lemon Flower. It smell soooo goood! Bambi say dat one from da tree out front dat makes da lemons. I remember lemons from dat time we played wid dem in the kitchun floor. Lemon flower smell so good.I reely lykes dem berry mucho! I just sniff and sniff all around.

Bambi and me, we investa gate dem flowers. Ninja no was dere, cos him was takin' nap. But, Bambi, she did sumpin' bad. Bambi not just sniffin. Bambi started eaten da flower. Miss E, she havta take away flowers. Now dey way up high on bookcase.


Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

The flowes are beautiful. Miss E is very lucky. Be careful yoo don't chew on any that are harmful for cats though. Mom said Lillies can be dangerous.

See here:

Elizabeth Munroz said...

Don't worry, we knows lilies is not good for us. Theses ones are Alstromeria and not the dangerous kind.