May 17, 2010

Lazy Day Cats

We had such a lazy Sunday. It was the Best!!! Always when the Monk, my new Sensei, comes to visit, he has so many little jobs around the house to do, that we don't have much time for the Mancat-to-Man with each other. He understands me, and I need his attention. I think he knows that. But, this time Miss E decided to let all the errands go by the wayside, and let us have a lazy Sunday.

So, Miss E let the Monk sleep in. We all had to be quiet. She shut the door so we wouldn't run in and wake him up with our Good Mornings. Then he had his morning coffee in bed with his favorite fish roe breakfast. Smelled quite yummy to me!  Miss E just screwed up her face at the delicious smell of the roe and went back into the kitchen and left us to ourselves.

The Monk is an ambitious human and planned to fulfill a list of duties for the day, so I helped Miss E keep my Sensei down by pinning him to the bed with the weight of me. He only struggled a little bit, and finally gave in and read a book. Miss E came back into the room bringing her tea and toast with her to enjoy.

Before we knew it my little buddy, Spyder, joined us choosing his favorite spot pushed right up against Miss E's leg. I told him to lay as heavy as he could and he was happy to do so to help keep her in her place too. So, then Spyder settled down and curled up like a squirrel for a snooze.

Soon Queen Bambi joined us and assured us she was very interested in helping us keep it a lazy day, and she climbed right up on top of Miss E. Her Highness usually can't be bothered to kiss up to people so this was a surprise. It made Miss E very happy. And Bambi actually got drowsy for a while and stayed.

Time sure slows when you're having lazy days! We cats are experts in this way of being. But humans are not very good at it. The Monk and Miss E should take the time to enjoy themselves more often!


Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Oh we agree! Lazy day are the best days of all.

Gemini and Ichiro said...

How very nice of you to let Monk sleep in! It is very nice to meet you-

Muffin - Puffin said...

We like how you held them all down so they couldn't change theire minds and get up!