May 27, 2010

By Fur or By Feather

Queen Bambi writing: 
We've all been so on edge lately. We can feel the sadness and worry Miss E is carrying around. It makes Ninja especially frustrated and I must admit... angry. He says he wants to rescue her, but can't find anyone to rake with his Samurai Claws to get revenge and end the problem.

I appreciate the gravity of the situation. Miss E is not the only one affected.

We can feel it in the air, the earth, and the rain that cried last night. Something is not right. Something big. We've been feeling the intensity increase. All of nature is uneasy. I've heard many whispers among the insects. I've been trying to catch them and make them tell me what's wrong. But, the get smashed upon the wall. The laugh in their zinging way as they escape.

The birds seem sedate in their squawkings, even the pretty songsters are quiet. They go about their business without their foolish happy twitterings that entertain us so much. Something is very wrong. 

Spyder has been listless, not understanding what is pressing down his joyful energy. He walks back and forth across the window ledge. I crawl under the blankets with Miss E trying to give her comfort, to draw her attention away from what's bothering her. I even sat on her chest to help her to relax and pet me.

Ninja has been meditating deeply on the mystery, looking outside and beyond, looking around the world. And now He tells me there is no way for him to alleviate the problem by using his sharp weapon claws. He has learned what's wrong.

Even using his mind control power is not going to be enough unless efurrybuddy were to become ninjas, and that takes years of discipline and training. No, Ninja says this is serious. He says terrible damage has been done far away where the Monarchs migrate when they don't live near us.

He says the disgusting odor we smell when the car starts up has invaded an ocean. Not our ocean, but the one where the butterflies go when they are not with us. The Monarch Butterflies like the one our friend, Allie, showed us. I didn't think the smell is so terrible that it could be serious. But, Ninja says that in his meditation he saw that it was a nasty sticky stuff worse than when the rain and the earth mix together. He said it's a disaster called Oil Spill. And then I understood.

We must gather up all our shedding fur into a plastic bag. If we can get the birds to give us their spare feathers we must do the same with them. If the yappy dogs next door would give us their fur and the sheep out there on the farm give his clean wool, and if Miss E will go into her drawer and pull out all those nylon stockings that she never wears and puts them in a bag, we will all be able to help those who are working so hard to clean up the oil spill.

And we must send it all to MATTER OF TRUST, where they will take it all and make "Containment Booms" to soak up the Oil Spill. We hope our beloved readers from any part of the world will do the same. That way we can all help out, a hair at a time. Let your dog and cat groomers know about this so they can help too. Our long haired cousin, Cassie already got shaved.

And see if the birdies will trust you to pull out some of their feathers for a good cause. Our own yellow birdie is going to tell his friends. I'm sure they will if we promise not to hurt them. So many of their cousins are being covered with this ooky gooky Oil Spill and it is making them sick.

Below you will see a video that demonstrates how a hair containment boom is made, so we can understand what will happen after we send in our fur and feathers.


Maria DeRosa said...

You've made a very important commitment to help the environment, Bambi and Ninja.

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

What an awesome post. We had heard of cat furs being used to help, but didn't realise it was so useful.