Jun 2, 2010


We sit in the window
Bambi and I.
Ninja naps on the bed.

"Drosophila melanogaster,” she says,
“not be confused
with Tephritidae, the true fruit fly."

I stare, fascinated.
Bambi is an entomologist.

Ninja yawns,
turns over,
"A bug.. is a bug.. is a bug!"
He stretches.
"Now, dogs...
on the other paw,
...much more interesting."

Bambi flicks her ears.

"Take those yappers next door, for example.
Just scratch the screen, my boy,
and watch what happens!"

Bambi's whiskers vibrate.

"Go ahead, scratch the screen!"

I reach out...

Bambi quivers, "Spyder! Look!"

I paws.
I've never seen
such a flitter flutter before.
I can't help myself... I chirp.

Yes, I do believe...
Epiphyas postvittana.
First one of the season,
not good for apples, they say."

I wonder what kind
of insect is an apple.

Ninja snores.

Elizabeth Munroz
May 2010


Adrigoogle said...

Ohw, I LOVE this poem!!!!
Beautifully said... wow...
and those pictures :-)

Elizabeth Munroz said...

Fank yoo, Adrienne. We likes your Lepidoptera, too. Bambi sez it's a Phengaris arion, also known as Maculinea arion and Glaucopsyche arion

Mr. Miyagi said...

What fun!

Purrfect Haven said...

happy times with poems like these. lovely Love Darcy and Bingley xx

Elizabeth Munroz said...

Fank yoo Darcy and Bingley!
<3 Spyder