May 5, 2010

Cats on Diets

Da begetable man came today. Miss E sorted and washed dem all, and split the booty into seprit containers.

Them smells was bery interesting, almost like when da windows is open, we can smell fings like dat. We really liked da garlic and when one dropped on da floor, I had ta run over ta investigate. Miss E, she always droppin fings on da floor. But her not let me near garlic. She say is very bad for cats! Queen Bambi say Miss E got butter fingers. But I don't see no candy round here. Maybe she mean Miss E gots butter on her fingers and makes slippery and dat why fings fall down?

I wanted ta eat da begetables, but Miss E didn't give me no chances ta get to dem. I hope I can try it sometime. Dey was so intreeging ta smell. She shooed me away from da table, den later  gave me canned food while Ninja and Bambi was in da other room. Miss E has been feeding me several times a day, both wet food, speshal formula for kittens, and dry kitten food. It all easier ta chew than that stuff dat hard stuff.

Qween Bambi and Ninja spent so much time at da feeder I hardly never had a chance ta get in and eat. So, for a while, Miss E fed me on top da fridgerator. Ninja could not jump up there no matter how ninja's say he can fly, he cannot fly this high. But, Bambi figure it out and she always finish up my food. Now, I dont has ta worry, cos I gets ta eat alone. Nobody bother me.

We have all been a little testy about da changes goin on about our food around here. Me getting extra, while da others are hiding in da bedroom with the door shut. I can tell they are not happy about dat as they dig at da door. I happy cos Miss E say she thinking of me nutrishun so I can grow up big and stong.

Then when they come out they get a tiny bit of food. Queen Bambi says that it is because Miss E is putting us all on a diet. She does not believe she is fat and Ninja says he is all muscle. Qween Bambi says, it making us all dependent on Miss E and we cants ignore her cos we has ta wait til she feed us. I don't minds, cos I gets my fair share now. Those guys donts gets ta push me away from food. Now I gonna grow up helthy!


Purrfect Haven said...

yeah, no pushing is our motto (but we don't follow it.. yet - he he). Mrs H keeps us at bay with our grub too. Bing is on a diet (he doesn't know), Darcy prefers play to food, so his weight sorts itself. Love Darcy and Bingley

Jans Funny Farm said...

Oh, no, the d word. We hope you all survive it. Well, we know you will, Spyder, cause there's more for you. But the poor starving urchins sniffing the delish scent of .... Oh, this made us hungry. Excuse us while we go ask Jan for some munchies.

Thanks for coming by.

Muffin - Puffin said...

We are happy for you, Spyder. We both get our own bowl and we have manners and don't eat each other's foods.

Love Muffin and Puffin