May 4, 2010

Berries and Birds

Miss E and the Monk went to the movies in Salinas this weekend. When they came home all they could talk about was all the farm country they drove through in order to get home.

Lettuce, artichoke and strawberry fields are all very close to here.

They didn't have to tell us about it. We already know. We can smell the fields all around us right here in Watsonville. We really like the strawberries.

Ninja tells us that Jefferey used to like to lick the bowl after Miss E ate strawberries. Spyder likes to chew on lettuce. He got in trouble the other day for pulling a lettuce leaf out of the trash.

We had some exciting things happen while they were gone. Recently one of the neighbors moved away. He took his hummingbird feeders with him.

So now we have a host of hummingbirds fighting over our one feeder! Miss E is going to need to buy some more feeders! And we are doing to be very happy to watch them from the windows.

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