Jan 4, 2010

Computer Literate Cat

Spyder is getting very computer literate.

His dyslexia gets in the way sometimes, But he wanted me to tell you about a site where Keli and Jeffery are being honored. Keli has been gone 9 months, and Jeffery 3 months.

It's a website we are all probably familiar with called about.com They have a section on Cats that is
singlehandedly managed, organized and authored by Franny Syufu. She works hard and it shows in the quality of her site. So many cats and people who love cats benefit.

Among the many ways Franny focuses her site to meet the needs of cat lovers is that she has provided an opportunity to have a Memorial photo and story of your cat online.

I sent in the pictures of Keli and Jeffery that I would like used and wrote something about each of them. If you would like to do the same, be sure to read the instructions carefully. It is very exacting, but it's necessary for Franny to run the site, meet all the needs of cats and their people and still to take care of the technical end of keeping the site running well.

I wrote a poem for her.
 I hope you will drop by the site and read it.
Doesn't she look lovely in this picture?
Can you notice the aura about her head?
She was a very special creature.

He loved sitting out in the garden beneath the pine tree.
And in this case, surrounded by fresh catnip
Isn't he a handsome fellow?
I just love this picture of him.


Author said...

Keli and Jefferey look adorable. I'm glad they have a remembrance place dedicated to them.

Elizabeth Munroz said...

I hope you clicked on the links. I wrote a poem for Keli and told Jeffery's story. The Memorial portion of Franny's About Cats is for any cat that has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, not just this year but any time.