Jan 27, 2010

Ghost Cat

I heard her meow outside the bedroom door
watched the three new cats turn their heads
Was she here wanting to join us
or just passing by?

Tempted to get up and open the door,
but know she wouldn't be there.
She's outside
by the back door
buried four feet deep
Stones and Buddha
on her grave

Still miss her
but the pain is not constant

The youngest kit has her habit
drinking water from the faucet
Where did he learn that?

Elizabeth Munroz
Jan 2010


Author said...

The pain never goes away, but I am pleased it is no longer constant.
It is the same with Henry (1985 ~ 2004) ~ some days I miss him and cry ~ other days he is not on my mind BUT I never forget. He is never more than a thought away.

Elizabeth Munroz said...

I've had other cats I've loved, but Keli has been my heart.