Feb 8, 2010

Cat's Worry, too.

We all been quiet lately, cos Miss E keepin the computer busy takin' a writin' class. Dat wot Bambi and Ninja say I need to do. But, I thinks I writin much better these days. Don't yu?

Miss E usin the computer for all her writin so much, we can't use it for us. Not Fair! But, she not feeling too good lately, so we gonna let it slide.

But, she lyin' down right now, and I just quickly postin' cos we all are furried.

We been knowing wot happen in a far away place called Haiti, and we watchin  the news, but we never knows wot happen to all the cats that lives there. Is they Okay? Does anybuddy knows?

We found this LOL cheezburger cat that shows when some cats were rescued from floods. Now that's a very nice man purrson! We hope we never have floods or earthquakes, but if we do, we gots our chips under our furs, so we can be reyoonited with Miss E. I hope those two kittehs in the pitchur had chips. Ninja and Bambi has collars with tags, but I don't like mine and always takes it off.

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Milo and Alfie said...

It is a worry in disaster areas ~ we always feel bad for the animals as well as the humans.

We hope Miss E feels better soon. Smoochies.