Feb 19, 2010

Ninja and Needle

Ninja went ta see da Vet today. He had ta get his booster shot. I ask him what dat mean. Ninja say da Vet, he put a loong sharp needul in his haunch da last time he went for shot. It don't sound very good to me.

Queen Bambi say dat I had shots before. How can  I come home from shelter widout them? No, I can't. So I musta had dem shots. But, I don't 'member, and I so glad. 
Now I wonders if I gots ta have booster shot. Bambi tell me not ta worry, cos it will be a long long time before I gets them 'cos I already protected. I no feels very protected when Ninja growls at me and wont let me sit by him.

Her Highness, Bambi, she say maybe dat also why Miss E take Ninja ta Vet, (she say Vet-rin-air-ee-en is right way say it, but I don'ts know how spell it). She say maybe he going ta Vetrin-air guy cos he growl way big like panther and grumpy.

Ninja say him just showing off he is panther in disguise because he gots his super fine teefs and want me ta respect them, cos it take long time ta grow such handsome teeth. And him no wants me to cuddle up to him, cos he a ninja and I jus a little kid. I almost big as him, but I not so fat. Queen Bambi, she agree. She say Ninja have very impressive panther teef. She say dat good cos then that mean he will always be her good guardian and protect her.

Then quietly Mistress Bambi, she say maybe him don't feels good. Ninja wont tell us that, cos he a brave ninja cat and never complain, even if he sick or hurting.
Ninja say he no like cage where he go to visit Vetrin guy. But he NOT afraid of  big needul da Vet is gonna shoot him with. He say he had shot plenny of times over the years and it never hurt him. And he say he not sick, either. But, we wonder about that. Just like Bambi say, he never complain. But, he sure gets growlchy!!

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