Feb 12, 2010

Spyder's Imaginary Friend

I know what the kid is talking about. I can feel other energies. It is something my sensei taught me a long time ago during my ninja training. I am a bit rusty. So, I haven't felt the energies very strong. Though, we all keeping seeing something out of the corner of our eyes. Sometimes with my ability to use hound dog scent techniques, I can catch a whiff of faint cat. You know of course both of my teachers were dogs, so that is why I learned that secret method.

Queen Bambi seems a little nervous about the whole thing. Can't say I blame her. I try to calm
her down. But, she is a high strung royal pain in the furry behind. She goes to sulk in her boudoir a lot and doesn't come out except to watch the birds and eat.

Though, where eating is concerned, we are all wondering why there is a change in our eating opportunity. The big feeder has disappeared. We ate everything all gone, but we were surprised to see an empty space where our feeder use to be. It used to be that when we emptied it, or it was close to empty, it would be refilled.

We all wondered if the mysterious being, (as Spyder suggests is here) occupying this space with us had anything to do with it. Spyder insists that she wouldn't do such a thing. We thought he was too old for such a thing. But he seems to have an imaginary friend. We thought he was too old for such a thing. He hadn't said anything like this before.

Yet, Spyder says she has always been there. She likes to sit on the rocking chair, he says. I must admit though I have investigated the rocking chair, I have not cared to stay up there, and all I know is that there is a feeling of respect there for me, and an odd haunting energy. That is why I don't make myself at home there. Miss E has a thick cushion on it and soft blankets folded over it.

As appealing as it is, none of us bother to go there. It is almost like it has an invisible sheild around it. I can feel that much with my ninja powers.


Milo and Alfie said...

The presence of those who have gone before can be mighty powerful. Mom says she often feels Henry's presence ~ especially when she is feeling sad and needs comfort.

Ninja, Bambi and Spyder said...

We are still trying to understand this. Thanks for helping with your idea. We will see if Miss E needs comfort.