Feb 17, 2010

Garden Pathway Fit for a Queen

Our lovely gentleman friend, The Monk, arrived this afternoon for a visit and tea. He did not bring any of that nasty sushi Ninja is so fond of. Thank heavens!

I was so surprised to see him, as were Ninja and Spyder. I thought he would be up in San Francisco with Miss E at the doctor. But, he drove all the way down here to check on us.

I understand that it is a long way according to Ninja who has been around longer than I. So, I must presume he knows what he is talking about. He's had so many adventures in his eight years.

I was delighted to learn The Monk brought us thirty cans of cat food! I prefer that to sushi as you know. Of course, he didn’t open them all. Ninja and Spyder were hoping for a big feast! Their eyes are bigger than their tummies. And that would be quite barbarian of them. I would not put up with it.

The Monk petted us, gave the fish their nutrients, then went out and performed some gardening.
It looks like he is going to make a royal pathway out there for me to walk upon. He is so thoughtful to think of my needs this way. I can hardly wait to see how the new garden will look when he is finished.

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Milo and Alfie said...

That pathway is beautiful. There is just something special about brick laid paths.

We hope Miss E gets on OK at the doctors. ((((hugs)))))