Feb 10, 2010

Cats can see Apparitions

We've been having a lot of odd things happening lately.

Sometimes we see something out of the corner of our eyes. We look and nothing is there. What ever it was that we saw, has disappeared.

We know we are not imagining things. All of us can see these apparitions.
Spyder says that he has always seen them. He never mentioned it because he thought we all did. He said when he was very little, and first came to live with us, he thought it was another cat. He insists that she sat with him and gave him warmth when he was alone in the bathroom.

Miss E kept Spyder in the bathroom when he first arrived so that we could get used to his smell.

That was a good idea because when a new cat smell is in the house, we think of it as an intruder.

As a baby kitten, Spyder would have been scared if he were left alone with us big cats.

It's not that we've been seeing things only. Sometimes we hear another cat, or what sounds like another cat. But, it is not an outdoor kitty. Sometimes it is a faraway meow from way up high somewhere.

Occasionally, when we are all together on the bed sleeping peacefully with Miss E, we have heard a slight purring, but we have always thought it was one of us until recently when we heard the purring coming from right on top of her.

Now we smell a cat smell around the house. It is like the cat smell on the rocking chair.

None of us has ever sat on that rocking chair. It has always seemed like it was not for us to sit on, even though Miss. E has invited us to be there.

We are wondering what is going on!


Teddy Westlife said...

Kitties, you don't suppose your mum has adopted another cat do you? Otherwise I am very fascinated by what is going on!

Milo and Alfie said...

We think we know who it is. It is the loving spirit of the first Dowager Queen visiting Miss E. When a human / cat bond is great ~ this is a normal occurence.