Feb 28, 2010

Catnip Invasion!

The other day, Miss E went to San Jose. Before leaving she picked some fresh catnip from the garden for us. What a great way to party!

Soon, we saw a neighbor cat in our backyard. He said he smelled the nip and wondered if we'd share. He introduced himself by his cat soul name, White Paw, but his purrsons call him Mittens.

We have great gardens full of nip. Why not share it?  This way we can make furrends. Since we cannot go meowtside, we convinced White Paw to open the back gate. Our dear departed Jeffery had very good skills in such matters, and gave me instructions in case I ever had the opportunity. So White Paw, opened the back gate by jumping up, just so, and jiggling the latch as Jeffery described to me.

Then White Paw invited all the other neighbor cats to come in to enjoy our catnip. This way, youngsters and our honorable elders could come to our purrty. We sure know how to share, have fun and enjoy life!

However, we didn't plan well. We had a problem! We could only watch from the plate glass window as a stray dog invited himself in. Many of the cool cats scattered as best they could. It's kind of hard to do that when one is stoned, you know.

We were left to deal with the interloper.  He had the audacity, or perhaps stupidity to come over to our full size window where he was almost nose to nose with us before he realized we were staring holes through his skull. He couldn't move. I had him in my hypnotic power.

When the moment was right, Bambi threatened him with a vengeance. All she had to do was raise her dainty royal paw and it did the trick. It certainly intimidates me when she does that! I don’t think that dogg will ever be back!

Way to go, Bambi! She may be a tiny lady queen, but she sure is fierce and tough!

Please note: No animals were hurt in this encounter, and we promised Spyder we would get to know the doggie some other time under better circumstances when he's not invading our turf, if the opportunity should arise.

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Purrfect Haven said...

always lovely to hear from you over at our place. We are fans of you all... what a story too... life is not smooth your end but exciting. We follow with avid interest. Love Darcy and Bing xx (and Mrs H)