Mar 1, 2010

Dances with Cats

We had good intrestting time da other day when Miss E went away, we had a Purrty with da catnips.

I don't like catnips, but I likes ta see when Bambi and Ninja has catnips. They funny and like ta play.

We had other cats come ta our garden for catnips, too. One, his name White Paw, him was funny Mancat.

Him jump up on our fence and dance around and then, just like majik he open gate.

Him sniffing and eating catnips he dancing all over da place. Very funny!

I likes Mr. White Paw. Hope we sees him dance again.

And then a doggie come in yard.

I wanted to be furrends with him, but Ninja and Bambi said wait. Now is not the time.

But, funny thing happen.

Today the doggie come back and Miss E find him.

She bring him inside and say he is lost puppy doggie. He scared of Ninja and Bambi, but not scared of me. So, Humfree and me is now good furrends.

We cants keep him so Miss E gots to take him to shelter so his purrsons can find him and take home.

I hopes I see my Humfree furrend again soon.


Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

What a cute little dog. We hope he is chipped and can be reunited with his family. Will you let us know?


Spyder said...

Humfree not got micro chip. Shelter gonna fix him, give shots and find him a furrever home. They no purts animals ta sleep. They keeps him. I wants him come live wiff us, but Queen Bambi say nots as long as she rule. Ninja say no way. Miss E say sorry.
Me sorry too.

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Oh well, we can understand that a puppy and cats might not mix!

At least Humfree will get a loving forever home, and that's what counts the most. Smoochies.