Mar 18, 2010

Springtime Adventures for Spyder

Hey, you guys! I sure has sumpin intresting to tell ya. Yur nots gonna bleeve it! Now dat spring is here, lotsa fings is different. And we have lotsa new fings to know about. At least that what Ninja and Bambi say. They say, I got so many new fings to learn about life, the world an everyfing!

We was all on the bed watchin out da big sliding glass door window. Neow that weather is warmer, Miss E, she leaves it open with the big screen closed. What a greats happy cat am I! So many new smells outside and hear better all the new springtime noises, and fresh air!

Ninja teaching me names of what is all the smells. Bambi, I mean, Queen Bambi, she teaching me names all the sounds, cos she is a "Entomologist". She say that how it spelled. She knows all da bugs and insects. Boff Ninja and Bambi knows a lot about the birdies. But, I know a secret that Mockingbird told me.

I can hardly keep up with them guys. I gets so tired I falls asleep. Then I hear Bambi growl. She never growl. Almost never. Ninja, he growl all the time, but not so much anymore, since he been losing weight.
I waked up when Bambi, I mean Queen Bambi, growled. It was almost dark time neow. Right there in front of the screen was an ugliest creature we evers did see. It had a long pointy nose and pointy ears, and tiny eyes, and very fat, and sticking out hair and short legs, and worse of all, long pink tail, look almost like him bald tail. And him smell bad, too.

Bambi still growl, but quiet now. Ninja say Opossum can'ts see us, but can hear us. So, we watch him and he climbing all over stuff on the back yard. Climbing on the flower pots and turn them over upside down and then knock down the birdie feeder. Then, Ungly, he commence to eat up all the birdie food. Him a Bad Boy!

I no like Ungly. Him make a mess in backyard. Him make a mess in speshul place where my Lady Dowager Keli is sleeping. She has nice speshul place there. She say she not really sleeping there, but it complicated for me unnerstand yet. I is mad at Mr. Ugnly, cos him mess it up her speshul place and him eat up all the birdie food and neow the birdies no will come back cos they no have no more foods.

I so mad ats Mr. Ungly, I leap off bed and pound on screen door make him go away. But, him ignore me. But, him no ignore Miss E when she come in to see what all noise is about.

Miss E spray him with the bottle. That so funny. He run away. That so funny. Miss E use spray bottle to keep us inside and she use spray bottle to keep him outside.

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Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

We're glad he got squirted 'cos he's trespassing.