Mar 16, 2010

Ancient Ninja Kitty Healing Techniques Revealed

Today after Miss E came back from the doctor, Queen Bambi and I went to greet her. We knew right away she didn't feel good.

Spyder was sitting on the rocking chair next to  his invisible Lady Cat friend. He says she whispered to him that Miss E needs healing on her legs. I knew Miss E needed my help and I wasn't going to take time trying to talk sense into Spyder about invisible Lady Cats. So, When Miss E sat down to rest, I leapt up to her legs and began a healing massage!

I had to be careful because she was a bit tender, and I am a pretty strong and tough Masseur! Almost all cats have this healing ability. All do not necessarily use massage. I learned how to do acupuncture and acupressure during my prime years, and I still do both exceptionally well.

Miss E did a lot of hollering, but I know she will feel better if she would just let me finish the job! I'm sure it was my acupuncture needles she felt uncomfortable with. After all they are made of Cat Claw and not pure silver. So I put my acupuncture needles away and just did acupressure. She told me that maybe she would get me some customers and I could knead their backs!

She says I could make good money this way.

I like to give Miss E a massage, but I am pretty particular about touching strangers.

So, I hope she will forget about it!!!

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Mr. Miyagi said...

Honorable Ninja, You could open your own acupuncture clinic and heal many! The world needs more healers.