Mar 17, 2010

Cat Garden Lovers

Cat gardening could be so much fun, if only Miss E would let us go outside! We don't have our harnesses and leashes yet. But, outside is so inviting right now. The rain has stopped and the soil smells rich with interesting microbes. Yes, even me, a ninja, knows what a microbe is. And they are growing rapidly right now in all that warm weather. Awesome nose candy!

Miss E doesn't want us out there yet because the ground is still too moist, she says.  I think she is just putting us off, and maybe disciplining us a little bit for the time I tore holes in the screens and we all ran outside. She had a hard time catching us. Of course, honorable warrior that I am, I came in first. Bambi is extremely wild outside, it took forever to get her to come in. Poor Spyder got sick out there. He must have eaten something disgusting. So you can see why Miss E is hesitant to permit us to wander the garden.

However, today, she opened all the windows. What? You might say! Remember, please, that The Monk replaced all those torn screens with cat proof screens. So we can contentedly sit in the open windows observing the garden.

Miss E went out there and pulled up her little yellow flowers. The neighbor complained they were weeds, something called Oxalis.

And she picked out the big French snails roaming around the garden, and got rid of them. We wonder a bit about those French snails. Apparently people eat them as a delicacy. They call them Escargot. I wonder if they taste like sushi?

Then, suddenly, we got a couple whiffs of the most incredible aroma. CATNIP!!! We were all excited, except for Spyder. He's too young to imbibe. He says he doesn't like it. I think there's something wrong with his brain. He's more interested in talking to his invisible Lady Dowager Queen friend. What can they be talking about?

Bambi and I raced from window to window to gather up the smell of the CATNIP into our noses! Then we honed in on the front door, and got the best sniffs from beyond the screen. Miss E was trimming and clearing out the garden right there by the front door! It was torture to sit just a screen away from the CATNIP!

When Miss E entered we were all over her. She could barely get to the kitchen to wash her hands. Then she surprised us with a big clump of leaves right in the middle of the living room!

Bambi and I are in CATNIP heaven!


Molly Mayhem said...

Bambi looks so stoned! Hahaha

Mr. Miyagi said...

French Snails, Escargot, are tasty if they are fed corn meal. They taste nasty if you catch and eat them from the wild.