Mar 17, 2010

Words to the Wise from Mockingbird

Mockingbird is homeless. They came and took away his tree. It was very disturbing for every creature in the neighborhood while the machines made a meal of it.

We are much calmer now. After all, it is all part of the circle. Nothing stays the same and everything changes. I have advised Queen Bambi of this and she sadly agrees. One of her kittens was shortly of this world, and she grew to understand that though she always has her little one in her heart, she cannot dwell there, but be present an live each day with Spyder and I. We are her family now. Spyder is her kitten, even though he is now twice her size!

Bambi was the first to notice the buds on the fruit trees had opened. She has a very strong sniffer.

When she gave the alert, we ran to see, and there it was, the birth of the first bud. Life goes on!

Then we heard many birdies chirping every excitedly all at once. We ran quickly to the large plate glass window to watch them.

Miss E had put out some seed for them. We had an outstanding time watching them as more fruit tree buds unfurled before our very eyes.

All of a sudden the birds went silent and disappeared. Queen Bambi growled. "Off with his head!" She always says that when she is stressed out. She doesn't mean anything by it. But I wondered as she ran away from the great big yellow cat outside. No wonder the birds had disappeared. They enjoy frolicking for our attention. But, it's not safe with a huge cat like that out there. I told Bambi I would protect her, but by that time she was outta here. She split so fast, she was a blur. I took my duty seriously, and for my Queen, I stood my ground as Big Cat made his way through the backyard beneath the plum tree and disappeared from sight. But, I knew we would smell him for a long time after that.

Suddenly Mockingbird landed on a branch. He startled Spyder beside me. Sounding very much like a nightengale, he said, "I'm telling you, that young whippersnapper knows exactly whereof he speaks! She's real! Please extend to her Grace my deepest regards and joy in her return!" and off he flew in the direction where last I saw the big yellow cat.

Whereof he speaks? What kind of phrase is that?

Her Grace? Does he mean Bambi?

Spyder just purred and licked a paw. "He means about the Dowager Lady Cat. My rocking chair friend. The one who mothered me when I was alone." 

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