Jan 14, 2010

Amazing Cats in the News Today

I have been perusing the internet for cat news as I had heard about a cat named Sal Esposito, from Boston, who was summoned for jury duty. So, I wanted to find out if it was true. Sal was sent official documents requiring his presence in court. His people tried to arrange his release from the responsibility by filling out the appropriate forms and stating that he cannot speak English. We cats can speak every language in the world, but people just cannot read our thoughts properly. Some do, but not all.

Though Bambi says the very idea of it is "preposterous", I think the world could use more cats on juries. After all, we are very good judges of character! In fact, maybe we need to consider becoming Judges and just do away with jury duty altogether!

By the look on Sal's face, it seems like he would be a good candidate. Don't you think? Go check out the link and you will see what I mean.

Then, I read about the Cat, named T.C. who was 40 feet up in a tree and calling out for help for three days. Everyone thinks that a cat stuck up in a tree can get himself down. That is a myth. Only a ninja cat, like myself would be able to fly down from such a height. And there is no mistaking that other myth that people believe. Cats do not always land on their feet. In fact, a cat falling from such a height as T.C was would definitely be injured. But, what's a cat to do? T.C. kept calling until someone came to help him. What is very sad about all this is that T.C.'s people were never found. Even though T.C. had a computer chip, his information was not up to date! It is too bad that people cannot change the information themselves by using their computers or something. Instead they have to rely on the chip company to do it for them. What happens if the people have lost the paper work on their chip? The outcome for T.C. is that the man who rescued him gave T.C. a new forever home.    Did I mention that T.C. stands for Tree Cat?

In another not so happy Cat story in the news that has a happy ending:
Bambi was very saddened by the article on the cat who was found frozen in the snow. She is not happy with me as she says I lack compassion, and didn't get as upset about it as she did. She was even crying real tears. I'm a pragmatist as well as a Ninja, so I must control my feelings over and above all.

But, I knew that kitty would have the strength and stamina and will to survive as soon as I saw her picture. Just look at her! She looks so much like Jeffery, I thought she might be his sister! Her nose is prettier than Jeffery's nose was, though. Her name is Annie and she is 13 years old. (But, Jeffery was 17 or 18 when he died, so he couldn't be her brother) I'm sure Annie went through a harrowing ordeal, but us cats are sure amazing what we can survive! Though it might have taken one of her nine lives, I bet she has some Tibetan Monk training.

When I was being trained in my meditation and yoga skills, my Lhasa Apso doggie teacher told me about the monk cats of the high Himalaya mountains who can sit in the snow and freezing temperature and survive. I never got trained that way, because there is no snow where I grew up here in California. We are all purring for Annie now to get well and go home to her people, who lost her doing a move to a new house. I am also sending her healing through my ninja powers. It still works even though it is long distance to Attleboro, Massachusetts.

Here is another story about an amazing cat who survived a brutal winter in Edmonton, Canada and found a new home. You're going to like this one about BobCat.


Author said...

Cats are awsome creatures. they never fail to amaze me. No wonder i adore them so much.

Elizabeth Munroz said...

An inspiration to us all.