Jan 20, 2010

First Time Kitty Storm

Today Miss E tell us she gotta leave us for many hours. That okay, cuz she leave pretty music playing for us. So, Ninja and I play chase with Bambi, but they get tired and went took afternoon naps. I go watch fishes in the fish tank. I still feel bad I broke da lights. Only one is fix now, so fishies only got half light.

I wanna play some more, but Queen Bambi say, "do not disburb", and Ninja say, "Ummph!" So I go find paper bag. I rip it all apart. Lots of fun, and chew some in little pieces too. Finally, I decide go lay down for nap.

BOOM! Rumble, rumble! All a sudden, FLASH! we all waked up. Then, BIG BOOM! And our pretty music gone bye bye. The fishies tank light is off! We all ears standing up, eyes big and fur standing up. More Booms and bright flashes light. I think maybe sun exploded, cause it daytime and sun not there.

Ninja tell us ta calm down. He know what that is. He say everything be okay. Him know everything.

Ninja say big booms is called thunder, and white flashes is called lightning. And that why our music stop and fishies got no light. He say it scares music and TV's so bad they just stop and peepuls havta wake them back up. He say if nighttime, then house lights stop, too.

It was very strange day. We looks outta da big window and we see no birdies anywhere. And da wind blowing so hard, da branches breaking off da trees and flying down. Maybe the wind blows away all the birdies, I think. But, Ninja say birdies is smarter than that. He say they probably hiding deep inside of Jeffery's big pine tree out front.

We decide go look and see. Bambi and me went on window sill to look at where big pine tree lives. It very cold on window and it dark outside. I ask, "Why is so dark outside. It still daytime. You say sun no explode"

Ninja on table behind us. He say, "Uh, Oh, gets away from window". Bambi just look at him and say, "who you talking to like that?"

Ninja say "If you please, My Queen, Get down away from window, NEOW!" I so shock at how he meow this, my furs standing up and I jump down right away, but, Bambi, she put her nose up in air and make like a dainty kitty to pitter-patter her paws on window sill and sashay her tail. (she call it sashay, I don't know what means, but kinda pretty). Not so good idea for Bambi take her time likes that, though! All a sudden, windows is rattle rat-a-tat, zappy zippity zap, pew pew pew. Somebody is throwing stones on the window. Lots and lots of stones. Queen Bambi disappear like magic. I just stand there a second, look at Ninja, and run away. Where hide? Where hide? I run through da liddle door out into garage, but it more scary out there. Water all over floor and somebody throwing bigger stones on top the roof and very noisy. I run back through liddle door. I slide across new kitchen floor and almost bump into Ninja.

Ninja say, "Follow me, Kid!"

I don't like when he call me kid, but dont care no more. He can call me kitty litter if he wants. I still follow him. His tail all high like a flag and I follow him to the spare room. He jump into his round futon bed and curl up in small ball his head all hiding. Then, I see Queen Bambi curled up in her Salon. But, then I see something so very strange.

"Look! Look!" I say. "Somebody throw so many stones da ground is covered up with them. They used all white stones and so many. And funny thing is the window is way way colder than before."

Ninja lift his head up. He say, "Yeah, that stuff called Hail! There is a lot. Almost like snow. I think it stopped now. But, we should all hide just in case for some more, and take a long nap."

I think Ninja is right. Don't know when Miss E comes home. Hope she not driving in the hail stuff. House is very colder. Big wind, thunder, lightning, hail, rattle windows and no more music. I jump up on computer chair and hides myself underneast the sitting pad and stay there.


Milo and Alfie said...

WoW! Wot a storm. Good job yoo have each other to snuggle up to.

Ninja, Bambi and Spyder said...

Yes, Milo and Alfie, very unusual to have this type of storm here. Not supposed to have snow and hail, and electricity go off, and flooding. This all very strange.

Ninja, Bambi, and Spyder