Jan 11, 2010

Cat Fish

Saturday evening the Monk arrived with wonderful treats to eat from halfway around the world. He brought SUSHI!!! I was so happy to see him! But, I was surprised when the Monk and Miss E didn't offer me any. I thought for sure they would set a place at the table for me.

It would have been a great opportunity to use my ninja skills to invisible swipe away some sushi, but I respect the Monk and Miss E too much to do that. Plus, they never looked away. However, as a well controlled ninja did not yeow like a begging kitten. I did wander around their legs and the table legs to work up my energy powers, though.

I focused my mind pointedly into their human thought waves, and produced a very simple mantra: FEED ME! Miss E succumbed first. She began to break off morsels of her salmon, then some shiro-maguro, then some snapper, then some ebi.  It pays to be a gentleman with mind control powers. I savored every delicious mouthful.

The monk is not so easily swayed. He is very protective of his food, as any wise cat would do, and adamant that he was not going to share. I had to demonstrate one of my Tai Chi poses to impress him standing upright on my haunches while balancing my upright paws. He was much delighted with the high quality of my ability to hold the pose. His resolve soon melted. Hamachi, unagi, anago, ika, kurodai, and tamago passed over my palate. A feast fit for a fine ninja, such as myself.

Ah, Near Samadhi!

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