Oct 14, 2009

Pink Feather Boa

Is me, Spyder, an I got a story ta tell ya!

It so funny!

Miss Bambi, she got's herslef in trubble. Well not too bad, ennyways.

We was playin mousie hunting, an runnin' back n forth everywhere. Bambi saw a spider. Not, me, of course. She saw one o them little creepy crawly things that go so fast ya can hardly catch em. Though I caught one the first time I ever saw one. An I ate him all gone! That's why me name is Spyder!

Enyhow, Bambi, she was so excited to see the spider that she stopped playin wid me and went instead to catch the spider. Well, he was much faster than she was. An he went hidin beneath some plastic bags on the floor. Now, Bambi, she aint afraid of no plastic bags. Seems like Ninja is, an I aint too sure about em.

So, Bambi, she dives right into them plastic bags. They was all filled up wid sumpin'. An you know what? She quickly lose her interest in that spider. He got away completely. I didn't even get a chance to get him, cause she wouldn't move outta my way. She was soo interested in them bags.

You know why? 'cause she recognize the smell o sumpin she knowed before. Yup! she knowed the smell of those feather thingys. People calls em boas. Though they not a Boa. Even I know that is a big dangerouos snake we all gotta stay away from.

So, Bambi, see, she knows those feather boas are inside the baggs, and she begin to push at the bag and pull at the bag. Before you know it she unties the bag. I know Elixabet was watchin all dis time, and she was smilin' as we played. But, when she saw Bambi opened da bag and we begun to eat the feathers, Elixabet, she come straightaway and grabbs da bags and feathers all away from us. Den she tie up da bag all tight and put up in da closet.

Now why she buy dem feather boas for us if she aint gonna let us play with dem? Huh?

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