Oct 28, 2009


Today was fun day. We got ta stay home by ourselves,. elixabet, she forget ta close da door to our room. So we got to play all day all over da house. Bambi say, What fun!!!

We ran jumped on all da furniture. We slid cross da magazines on da table. Oops... all falled down! Summa dat magazine paper is reel tasty. I tells ya!

Even Ninja, he run round, too. But, he so fat, he no can catch me! When I sneak up behind him, he growl, all tuffy cat. How come he a ninja, but dont know I was sneakin' up on him. Huh? I ask him. He say, he pretend to know I sneakin' cuz he testin' me skills at sneakin' I not so sure I unnerstand what is a ninja, and what a ninja s'posed ta teach me.

But, my Ninja, he so smart. He know how teach me, by pretendin' he don't know. Cuz I dont know dat he know. Den he act surprise when I catch him! Very much fun today.

Did I tell u how much me luv da fish tank? Got so many fishies. I love watchin dem. Speshally da Catfish! A big big tank. I run round n back n forth, and dem fishies are fasty, so fasty fishies! I never can catches dem fishies no matter how hards I try.

Ninja tell me, it cuz I don't know bout them fishies secret invisible sheilds they has. He say dat why he no bother ta chase them fishies, he say is no way ta catch em, not any. Cuz dey got invisible sheild fing. Dat why I cans see dem but not catches dem.

Bambi, she smile. She whisper ta me. She say, Yes, deres a way ta catch fishies. Ninja too big to know it, she say. He cants get up there. Ninja no has the flying no more. If he could use his old Ninja flyin' power, Bambi say, he be on top where dem fishies got no invisible sheilds.

How she know dat? I wonder. She say, cuz she been on top. She learn first day she come live wid elixabet. She say, jump behind TV, climb on top backa TV, den jump down in little space where all dem wires tangle, den jump up on top of fishies tank. She say long walking thing, very warm wid lights is good place ta stand. Den catch da fishies.

I lookin' up dere. I been sittin' on da bench watchin' fishies ever since I come here ta live. I nver pay tention to dat lights fing before. Aha! Bambi right. They's a place to get up on there.

Ninja say, NO, don't do it. Will cause disturbance in family harmony. Will change good energy of fishie home. Beside, he say, Spyder got no balance yet. He too young.

I show him. I show him. I got goods balances! So, behind da TV I goes. Up on backa da top of TV I goes. Den jump down in little space tangle wires. Uh, Oh!!! Uh, Oh!!! Dem wires dey ketched me, dey not let go a me. I gotsa fight dem wires.

Bambi, she watchin' me from on top TV. She lookin' down in small space. She eyes wide open. She see wires attack me.

Me say, Help me, Bambi!!!

Bfore she jump down. Ninja, he shout.

NO! Stop dat right NEOW!!!

Bambi, she freeze. Me all sideways upside down. Den Ninja say. Take breath. Be limp like sock. I look at Ninja like crazy, but do what he say. He is Ninja. He knows fings! I go limp like sock, eben if those wires snag me foreever. But, Ninja, he right. I limp like sock and fall down. Ninja he say. Wires no feel struggle cat no more and wires let go. See? Easy! Ninja, he smart. I so glad. Neow, Ninja say, we all go lie down.

Me and Bambi we look at each udder. We not done. No way. Too much fun. So we run and chase Ninja and he chase back all over house. He forget the fishies, but not me. not Bambi. So, Ninja gets real wore out. Him gots too much big belly. He say is Ho Tai belly. Is good fortune belly for rubbing on. Dat why he lay upside down so elixabet rub his belly for good happy luck come to her. But, he tired now and go to him cuddle spot and snooze.

Once we hear him snore, we know is time ta go catch dem fishies. I say, I go first. Bambi say not good idea. She lead way. but I pass her by and go to top. Bambi say be careful. Too many plastics green things. But, too late. Dey all knock down on floor. I fink dey knows to fly. But not sure. I lookin' down at dem. Bambi say. Watch Out!

Uh, OH!!! Now I fall down. Oh no! I fall down inside fishie house! Get wet fast! I fly outta dere quicky quick. I all wet, even one fishie come fly wid me. Bambi ates him. Dat not fair! Dat my fishie! But, when lick me fur, dat okay. Me fur gots fishie taste all over. Yum!

When elixabet come home she is all worry I is alright. Of course I is alright. What she fink? She fink I no can fly? She fink I no can catch fish? Den she put down bags and we go sniff dem. Hmmm. whatsat smells. Bambi say tell me later. She wanna watch what elixabet do. Bambi hide in bag and watch.

elixabet, she pick up all da plasty fingys looks like leaves, and put in big heavy bowl and put on top fishie house. Den she take cloth and wipe everyfing, all da splashes. Den she puts arms inside fishie house. What she gonna do? Catch us some fishies? She pullin up da lights. I jump up on bench. She say get down. Bambi say get down. Ninja say get down. Where he come from? No sleep no more. Huh!

Okay. I get down. elixabet take lots fings off toppa fishie house and leave open up. Bambi say dat how was when she first live here. But, Bambi go in dere alla time and elixabet cover it all up. but now it not cover again.

We gonna have fun tonight when she sleepin'!

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