Oct 24, 2009


Me luvs me little piece of sheepskin.

Me luvs me little carrier.
Me luvs ta go inna car for ride.

Me luvs ta get weighted at the vet. I is now seven pownds and two ouwsenz! elixabet say I grow fast and big. Yup! that me! grow fast and big!

Me luvs da Vet, too. He very nice Vet. Always pet me. Always say what nice boy. Handsome me is. He say I is very unusual cat, 'cause I has Heterochromia Iridium. Unique, he say. Dat mean me "odd eye cat", he say.

But, I no lyke when Vet put paper in me eye and hold it dere to make me cry. He did one eye, den he did other eye. Me wanna cry. But nope! No has enuff tears, he say. Me feel lyke lotsa tears. It hurted. But, elixabet, she pet me n' I holded real still. Just lyke Ninja say... "focus on stillness".

Den da Vet, he drop green color in my eyes. I no want green eyes! I want me own eyes! One blue n' one gold. But, den da Vet, he put orange color in me eyes. Make evryfing look funny. Not haha funny. Make evryfing look strange.

Has eye infection he say. Give medicine he say. Every day? I say. elixabet noddin her head.

At home, Ninja say is good optoonity for practice stillness.

Bambi say is okay. I still has me one blue eye... one gold eye. I still good lookin' boy!

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