Until one has loved an animal, part of the soul remains unawakened

Until one has loved an animal, part of the soul remains unawakened


Happy Cat Lady

Happy Cat Lady

Jan 27, 2010

Ghost Cat

I heard her meow outside the bedroom door
watched the three new cats turn their heads
Was she here wanting to join us
or just passing by?

Tempted to get up and open the door,
but know she wouldn't be there.
She's outside
by the back door
buried four feet deep
Stones and Buddha
on her grave

Still miss her
but the pain is not constant

The youngest kit has her habit
drinking water from the faucet
Where did he learn that?

Elizabeth Munroz
Jan 2010

Jan 25, 2010

Shark Sushi

Queen Bambi Blogs:

We were all awaiting the weekly visit of The Monk, and waiting, and waiting.

Spyder and I took turns staring out the window looking for him and there was no sign.

Ninja was waiting by the door for a long time and looking forward in anticipation in hopes the Monk would bring him some more sushi like he did the last two visits.

I told him they were special treats between the monk and him because they understood each others Qi energy as Ninja is always saying.

And because it is a treat, it doesn't mean it has to be brought every single time.
But, Ninja continued to pace patiently (anxiously?) waiting by the door.

Ninja kept asking Miss E why the Monk wasn't here, but she either didn't want to talk about it, or she was ignoring his requests for information.

Perhaps she just didn't realize how much this meant to Ninja. She didn't seem worried that the Monk had not arrived, so we took that as a good sign.

When the Monk finally arrived at the Witching Hour, he was all very happy as he had gone to have a good time with his son. We didn't know he had a son, but that explains those times when we have sniffed him and he had a similar smell to himself on him, but not quite the same. A grown up smell, much like the Monk's. So, that explains it.

Ninja was very disappointed that the Monk had not brought him sushi so they could have a good man to mancat meal together.

He wouldn't admit it, but I could tell, when he went to lie down and sulk and didn't even speak to the Monk after he didn't smell the sushi.

This seemed all very odd to me, as the Monk should have been able to bring some fish home with him.

We learned that he and his son went to a Sharks game! Now we are totally mystified. It seems if they were spending the evening with sharks they could have at least brought home some sharks fin, a wonderful delicacy that Ninja enjoys very much.

He says there is something called Shark's Fin soup and it is wonderful. I think I would rather remain with a more gourmet diet, such as Miss E already provides for us. Plus, whenever I can, I will eat some of Spyder's baby food. He hardly seems a baby anymore. He is seven months old now and very big for his age. I don't now why he needs extra nutrition and calories? But, it is delicious, I must say. The extra calories, especially.

Since the Monk came in so late, it was time to go to bed, so we all snuggled down and dreamed of Ninja getting his sushi so that he could be happy. And if Ninja is happy we are all happy.

Jan 20, 2010

First Time Kitty Storm

Today Miss E tell us she gotta leave us for many hours. That okay, cuz she leave pretty music playing for us. So, Ninja and I play chase with Bambi, but they get tired and went took afternoon naps. I go watch fishes in the fish tank. I still feel bad I broke da lights. Only one is fix now, so fishies only got half light.

I wanna play some more, but Queen Bambi say, "do not disburb", and Ninja say, "Ummph!" So I go find paper bag. I rip it all apart. Lots of fun, and chew some in little pieces too. Finally, I decide go lay down for nap.

BOOM! Rumble, rumble! All a sudden, FLASH! we all waked up. Then, BIG BOOM! And our pretty music gone bye bye. The fishies tank light is off! We all ears standing up, eyes big and fur standing up. More Booms and bright flashes light. I think maybe sun exploded, cause it daytime and sun not there.

Ninja tell us ta calm down. He know what that is. He say everything be okay. Him know everything.

Ninja say big booms is called thunder, and white flashes is called lightning. And that why our music stop and fishies got no light. He say it scares music and TV's so bad they just stop and peepuls havta wake them back up. He say if nighttime, then house lights stop, too.

It was very strange day. We looks outta da big window and we see no birdies anywhere. And da wind blowing so hard, da branches breaking off da trees and flying down. Maybe the wind blows away all the birdies, I think. But, Ninja say birdies is smarter than that. He say they probably hiding deep inside of Jeffery's big pine tree out front.

We decide go look and see. Bambi and me went on window sill to look at where big pine tree lives. It very cold on window and it dark outside. I ask, "Why is so dark outside. It still daytime. You say sun no explode"

Ninja on table behind us. He say, "Uh, Oh, gets away from window". Bambi just look at him and say, "who you talking to like that?"

Ninja say "If you please, My Queen, Get down away from window, NEOW!" I so shock at how he meow this, my furs standing up and I jump down right away, but, Bambi, she put her nose up in air and make like a dainty kitty to pitter-patter her paws on window sill and sashay her tail. (she call it sashay, I don't know what means, but kinda pretty). Not so good idea for Bambi take her time likes that, though! All a sudden, windows is rattle rat-a-tat, zappy zippity zap, pew pew pew. Somebody is throwing stones on the window. Lots and lots of stones. Queen Bambi disappear like magic. I just stand there a second, look at Ninja, and run away. Where hide? Where hide? I run through da liddle door out into garage, but it more scary out there. Water all over floor and somebody throwing bigger stones on top the roof and very noisy. I run back through liddle door. I slide across new kitchen floor and almost bump into Ninja.

Ninja say, "Follow me, Kid!"

I don't like when he call me kid, but dont care no more. He can call me kitty litter if he wants. I still follow him. His tail all high like a flag and I follow him to the spare room. He jump into his round futon bed and curl up in small ball his head all hiding. Then, I see Queen Bambi curled up in her Salon. But, then I see something so very strange.

"Look! Look!" I say. "Somebody throw so many stones da ground is covered up with them. They used all white stones and so many. And funny thing is the window is way way colder than before."

Ninja lift his head up. He say, "Yeah, that stuff called Hail! There is a lot. Almost like snow. I think it stopped now. But, we should all hide just in case for some more, and take a long nap."

I think Ninja is right. Don't know when Miss E comes home. Hope she not driving in the hail stuff. House is very colder. Big wind, thunder, lightning, hail, rattle windows and no more music. I jump up on computer chair and hides myself underneast the sitting pad and stay there.

Jan 19, 2010

Indoor Cats Outdoor Mis-Adventure

Miss E put us all in our room and closed the door, so the Monk could work on gluing more tiles on the floor. Good thing, too. We don't want Bambi getting sticky feet anymore! Everything was a mess. Tiles stacked up, tools spread about, the Monk in his work clothes.

We were quite happy to remain safely together. Of course we have all claimed our own territory. I've got my futon bed over by the big pillow. Spyder stays in his little square bed Miss E recently bought, but he has almost outgrown it already.  He's on the bed near me. But, that's close enough! If he gets any bigger, I wont have any room for me! Our Queen, Bambi, now has a new box with holes cut into it up high in the corner by the window. She calls it her Salon, so that we might come up and visit her. We probably wont as we think she might find our timing "inconvenient".

Miss E's son and his Lady came by to take Monk and Miss E to dinner. Mr. X is one of my favorite guys, and Lady is the sweetest human we know. But, they were not ready to leave yet. The Monk had to put all his belongings away and change clothes. I could hear them rushing around to leave on time. I thought they would forget to let us out of our room. It's one thing to be together when necessary, but when no one is home we should have the house to ourselves. We were really getting to feel a little cramped and needed to run around an play. Besides, how could they all leave without greeting us a few moments and saying sayonara? How could Mr. X and Lady leave without seeing me?  After all, they find me to be quite an attractive fellow and they are lavish with their praise. I always have them to myself, as Bambi would rather watch them from the condo, and Spyder from the hallway. I'm sure they like me best.

Before they all left the house, everyone scurried about shutting windows. They had been open earlier to blow the fumes outside from the tile.

Even though it is supposed to be environmentally safe, I'm sure no one ever thought to test it on cat noses. We could have told them it stunk. Now that the Monk was finished with the job and all the tiles were nicely stuck to the floor the fumes were quite gone. Arigato very much! We could still smell the fumes, and being cats with our sensitive ability to smell, we will probably be aware of them for a long time.

Bambi says, "Oh what we have to put up with to have a forever home!" But, this is a fact of any cat's life who lives with humans. There's always something!

It wasn't too long after they left that I discovered one of the windows unlocked. It didn't take much to curl my claws (I mean nunchuks) around the edge and nudge it open. I finally got it far enough open to fit my body through. But then realized, I was faced with the dilemma of the screen. It was not going to slide open or push out. So, in true ninja style I took one of my nunchuks and gave the window screen a slice or two, or three or four. I was enjoying myself digging at it so much, I lost count. I really did an excellent shred job on that screen. If I do say so myself. It became a perfect escape route. Since it was evening I could leap from the hole in the screen, down to the ground and go hunting for enemies wearing my ninja shield of invisibility. Something I haven't had the opportunity to do for a very long time. Though Jeffery was allowed to go out all the time because he was once a forest cat and depriving him of being outside was a sin, in his opinion, Miss E has been adamant that I must stay inside with Bambi and Spyder. But, oh how I might enjoy meeting up with another cat, like me.

I had only made that exit for myself, so I was not happy to learn that Bambi had followed me. I told her to go back but she reminded me, "One does not order about one's Queen." I tried to explain there might be danger lurking about, but she did not listen. "I've been out in the world, before, Ninja! More than you have, I'll wager." With that she sauntered off to the sidewalk to roll on it.

I know how much she loves to roll in the dirt, the sidewalk dirt, the driveway dirt, the front yard dirt, which has so many kinds of flavors and fragrances! Before long she looked like a common street cat. I didn't want to hurt her feelings, so I didn't say anything.

By this time, I was practicing my ninja invisibility tricks behind the plants and bushes. I could hear the dogs next door sniffing anxiously. I could see nose prints on their window, the glow of their eyes. But, they could not see me, so they were too confused to bark. If their human knew we were out here she would have opened her door and let them out after us. She's a mean lady and did that before to our long departed Keli Clementine, and we know the results of that. I decided to go back away from their house and over toward Bambi.

It was then we realized our mistake. We did not tell Spyder to stay in the house. In fact I could have scared him into the garage as usual and he would have stayed there until we returned. Unfortunately, we were reveling in our clandestine moments and didn't realize how frightened Spyder could be to discover us gone and no one home. His fear was great, but no so much that he wanted to be left behind. And so, our little intrepid hunter took a leap out the hole I had created in the window screen. He landed in the patch of alstromeria just coming up now. He seem okay. Just a bit shaken up. But, young as he was, he doesn't have the ability to be as quiet as us older, more experienced cats. And before you know it, the hounds of hell next door were shouting madly, threatening and calling us names and warning they were going to tear our necks apart. It was hair raising. Bambi had skeedaddled to the other side of the house hiding beneath the car where she got grease on her fur. But, she wasn't concerned about her beauty at that moment. Just survival. I followed quite closely. But it was then, we realized Spyder had not taken our signal to come this way.

Perhaps the dogs had confused him. They sure were carrying on! We decided to split up and go find Spyder. I asked Bambi to help me. She said she would guard out front and I should go too the back yard. I didn't say much at the time. But why should he go into the back yard, climbing a six foot fence, when he had no experience whatsoever? All I knew he must have been pretty scared. The only dogs he has ever known about were the stories I told him of my ninja master and my meditation teacher. Both imperious dogs but fairly harmless. Bambi and I had not told him about Keli's terrible encounter with the dogs next door. Maybe we should have.

Just about then, our people came home. I could hear them from the back yard, where I could smell Spyder but couldn't see him with my night seeing eyes. He must have been behind something. Then, I thought I heard his heart beating, but that was way too fast, more like a humming bird's wings. I heard Miss E sweet talking Bambi, who was still rolling on the driveway out front. X and Lady went up and down the street calling us. They really didn't need to travel that far. The Monk opened the back door so I went running to him. I pointed my thoughts to him. "Spyder is back here!" But, before I could say anything else he shut me into the bedroom. He must have got my message, though, as he got a flashlight and headed into the back yard with it. Poor humans! Cannot see in the dark. They would stumble around blind without their flashlights.

I could hear Miss E cajoling Bambi to come in, but I know how Bambi is. Just as soon as you get close to her, she leaps away like a deer. Just like that deer in the Bambi movie. She looks so cute when she does that in the house, but now I was worried about her. Those dogs were barking an alert to every other dog in the neighborhood. I could even hear one two streets over, passing on the message. The dogs next door barked, "Cats are out! Let's get them!" The barker down the street, "Ah, leave them alone, you stinky terrorists!" The dog two streets over barked, "What fun! Maybe the cats will play come and catch me!" You see some doggies likes cats, and some doggies don't. It doesn't help if the dogger's person doesn't like cats, and the lady next door definitely does not.

With all that barking going on Bambi headed straight back to the house. She told me later, it was a good thing Miss E left the door wide open, otherwise Bambi might have been confused and kept on going across the other neighbor's lawn. Once Bambi was inside she came and stayed with me in the bedroom. I could sense that Spyder was still somewhere in the back yard. But, Bambi said no. He was in the back yard of the dogger's house. No wonder they were barking so hard. We could only hope their person would not let them out. What would poor Spyder do if two doggs went after him at once?

It took a long time for the Monk and Miss E to find him. Eventually, Miss E asked the Monk to check on us, so he came inside and petted us. Miss E sat in the backyard. I could hear her making Spyder's little mews. He still doesn't meow like a grown up cat, yet. Then, I could hear Spyder respond. He was up on the roof of the neighbor's shed, and every time he tried to walk the thin edge of the fence he fell and clung to it and went back up on the roof. Miss E had to walk right beside the fence to get him to come to her shoulder. That is very hard to do considering all the plants and shrubbery along the fence.

We were all very grateful that Spyder was safe, and so are we. But, we are very dirty and Miss E says we need a bath. Bambi and Spyder don't know what that means. They both have been washing themselves with their tongues. I am very depressed because I know what's coming next. Even Ninja's can be humiliated!

Jan 14, 2010

Amazing Cats in the News Today

I have been perusing the internet for cat news as I had heard about a cat named Sal Esposito, from Boston, who was summoned for jury duty. So, I wanted to find out if it was true. Sal was sent official documents requiring his presence in court. His people tried to arrange his release from the responsibility by filling out the appropriate forms and stating that he cannot speak English. We cats can speak every language in the world, but people just cannot read our thoughts properly. Some do, but not all.

Though Bambi says the very idea of it is "preposterous", I think the world could use more cats on juries. After all, we are very good judges of character! In fact, maybe we need to consider becoming Judges and just do away with jury duty altogether!

By the look on Sal's face, it seems like he would be a good candidate. Don't you think? Go check out the link and you will see what I mean.

Then, I read about the Cat, named T.C. who was 40 feet up in a tree and calling out for help for three days. Everyone thinks that a cat stuck up in a tree can get himself down. That is a myth. Only a ninja cat, like myself would be able to fly down from such a height. And there is no mistaking that other myth that people believe. Cats do not always land on their feet. In fact, a cat falling from such a height as T.C was would definitely be injured. But, what's a cat to do? T.C. kept calling until someone came to help him. What is very sad about all this is that T.C.'s people were never found. Even though T.C. had a computer chip, his information was not up to date! It is too bad that people cannot change the information themselves by using their computers or something. Instead they have to rely on the chip company to do it for them. What happens if the people have lost the paper work on their chip? The outcome for T.C. is that the man who rescued him gave T.C. a new forever home.    Did I mention that T.C. stands for Tree Cat?

In another not so happy Cat story in the news that has a happy ending:
Bambi was very saddened by the article on the cat who was found frozen in the snow. She is not happy with me as she says I lack compassion, and didn't get as upset about it as she did. She was even crying real tears. I'm a pragmatist as well as a Ninja, so I must control my feelings over and above all.

But, I knew that kitty would have the strength and stamina and will to survive as soon as I saw her picture. Just look at her! She looks so much like Jeffery, I thought she might be his sister! Her nose is prettier than Jeffery's nose was, though. Her name is Annie and she is 13 years old. (But, Jeffery was 17 or 18 when he died, so he couldn't be her brother) I'm sure Annie went through a harrowing ordeal, but us cats are sure amazing what we can survive! Though it might have taken one of her nine lives, I bet she has some Tibetan Monk training.

When I was being trained in my meditation and yoga skills, my Lhasa Apso doggie teacher told me about the monk cats of the high Himalaya mountains who can sit in the snow and freezing temperature and survive. I never got trained that way, because there is no snow where I grew up here in California. We are all purring for Annie now to get well and go home to her people, who lost her doing a move to a new house. I am also sending her healing through my ninja powers. It still works even though it is long distance to Attleboro, Massachusetts.

Here is another story about an amazing cat who survived a brutal winter in Edmonton, Canada and found a new home. You're going to like this one about BobCat.

Jan 13, 2010


Bambi has been featured in LOL Cats, I Can Has Cheezburger. And she has been re-captioned ten times by others. Enjoy!

Jan 11, 2010

Cat Fish

Saturday evening the Monk arrived with wonderful treats to eat from halfway around the world. He brought SUSHI!!! I was so happy to see him! But, I was surprised when the Monk and Miss E didn't offer me any. I thought for sure they would set a place at the table for me.

It would have been a great opportunity to use my ninja skills to invisible swipe away some sushi, but I respect the Monk and Miss E too much to do that. Plus, they never looked away. However, as a well controlled ninja did not yeow like a begging kitten. I did wander around their legs and the table legs to work up my energy powers, though.

I focused my mind pointedly into their human thought waves, and produced a very simple mantra: FEED ME! Miss E succumbed first. She began to break off morsels of her salmon, then some shiro-maguro, then some snapper, then some ebi.  It pays to be a gentleman with mind control powers. I savored every delicious mouthful.

The monk is not so easily swayed. He is very protective of his food, as any wise cat would do, and adamant that he was not going to share. I had to demonstrate one of my Tai Chi poses to impress him standing upright on my haunches while balancing my upright paws. He was much delighted with the high quality of my ability to hold the pose. His resolve soon melted. Hamachi, unagi, anago, ika, kurodai, and tamago passed over my palate. A feast fit for a fine ninja, such as myself.

Ah, Near Samadhi!

Jan 10, 2010

Floors Are Not Slippery All Day

A bug! A bug! How exciting! A flying bug! I just love the sport of bug hunting! We have had way too few bugs of late, with the weather being inclement.

Today, our dear Monk returned to do more repairs on the kitchen floor. Will that ever be finished? He keeps moving furniture around and Miss E has piled things everywhere. It's a mess, and not the neat environment fit for one of my station in life. As a Queen, It is very disrupting to say the least. I must admit this disturbs me. One can hardly maintain a regal bearing if one has to climb over objects that were not there yesterday. One's royal environment should be exactly as the one prefers, and I do not like all this upheaval! Miss E understood and put me in the bedroom by myself.

That being said, the wonderful benefit of all this was the Monk's comings and goings throughout the day. I could hear that front door open and close repeatedly. Since the weather was nice, I was already watching the bugs fly around from my high location in the bedroom window. Oh, the bugs! They are back! And they were getting into the house with all those in's and out's!

I knew the boys were enjoying watching the bugs out of the sliding glass door in the other room. They were closed in there together. A very good idea, I must say, since they are forced to get along nicely when they are confined like that.

One time Miss E came into the bedroom and I just zipped right out. I wanted to get into high gear bug hunting, and I was quickly scanning the ceilings when I realized I smelled something quite noxious. By the time I got to the kitchen I discovered exactly what it was. Very sticky, gooey gluey stuff was all over my paws in no time at all! I ran across the newly tiled floor right past the Monk as fast as I could, but the goo did not come off my dainty paws! Oh, no! Miss E was coming from the other direction. I knew she wanted to pick me up. But, how could I let her? Then she would get goo on herself from me. Besides, I really didn't want her to know I had made such a faux paw! So, I zipped on out through the kitty door into the garage and sought a place to hide. But by this time, I now had litter stuck to my paws. I just looked at Miss E and said, "help?"

She picked me up and unceremoniously wrapped me in a towel. I hate it when she does that. Where is my red velvet robe as befits me? I was very tolerant of her as she picked the goo and bits of litter and dust and hair that was stuck between my toes. She even cleaned off my claws very nicely just by picking at them. She was not about to use nail polish remover! Thank heavens for that. I'm sure I would have swooned from the fumes! By the time Miss E started on my back paws, I had lost my patience, though. Where's my dignity? I ask you! I told her several times, very nicely, to let me down before I managed to overpower her and removed myself from her presence. She is a clever lady. She knows not to chase me. I can count on that. So, when she called me very nicely, I returned. But, I still didn't want her picking at my back paws.

Miss E called the vet as she worried that my toes might get stuck together, wanted to know if she should take me in to the vet. I was appalled at the exorbitant price they suggested to her and told her, no, I would not go. She put me in the carrier anyway. I didn't argue with her. I was resigned to go. But, I had misunderstood. Apparently the vet had told her the substance was eco-friendly and to give me a tranquilizer. I forgot we had them for emergencies. Within a short time, I was much calmer, and I really felt quite safe and sound all cuddled in with my furry sheepskin to knead. Later, I wouldn't mind so much when Miss E picked at my toes to get the sticky stuff off.

Ninja and Spyder were out from their afternoon bachelor party and stalking about the house looking for the Monk. He hadn't said good bye to them and they were a bit put out. Probably a little jealous, I suppose. The Monk spent a great deal of time saying good bye to me when I was still recovering from the calming medicine, and I'm sure they heard him. I decided to tell the boys that the Monk sent them his love and had to hurry off because he had stayed almost til midnight putting in the tiles. So, they went off into the kitchen to investigate the quality. I told them to be careful for the sticky stuff. They assured me that none was visible anywhere. So, I didn't worry about them. I'm sure Ninja would handle the situation by doing his ninja flips. But, little Spyder, who is not so little anymore, would probably be quite perplexed.

Once the boys had done their safety check on the house, they found everything in much better shape, so they had a snack and climbed up on the bed to rest. Miss E lifted me out of the carrier and we had quite a good time cuddling while she tickled my back toes. It was very nice to get the rest of that sticky stuff off my paws. She also carefully trimmed some of the fur there, too. Although I could have done that myself. It was nice to receive the royal treatment and have my paws all pristine again.

I had just settled down in my boudoir when I noticed Spyder give the alert. BUG! BUG! BUG! And, there it was making a dive bomb for the lamp shade. I knew there were new bugs in the house! Spyder and I got to it at the same moment bumping that critter right between our noses. Sadly, it got away. Spyder was quite impudent. He said, "Why don't you watch where yer goin?" So, I snapped that bug right off his face and popped it in my mouth, much to his dismay. And then.... I let him know in no uncertain terms that he could not communicate with me in such a manner!

Jan 9, 2010

Dances with Lemons

Was lotsa fun today. Miss E was outside an' we watched form da kitchen winnow, me and Queen Bambi did dat. Ninja was in udder room winnow watchin. Miss E, she was past da pine tree where ol' Jeffery is in da dirt unner the rocks. We dint know whut she was doin. But, we herds her cutting somefing. Cut, cut, cut.

When she came in, she smell so differnt. She has baggie wiff yellow balls inside. Dey was bigger than my toy plastic ones. And dey smells funny liek I says.

Bambi sneaking to da door when Miss E coming inside. She always do dat. She wants ta go out so bad, so much. She try get out all da time and Miss E, she squirts her wid da water bottle every time and Queen Bambi run away every time, den she come back and try again. Don't know why she does dat. I don't liek squirt bottle. I liek da water what taste good better in da bowl or in da sink.

So, den Miss E, she put the baggies on da floor and Bambi comes running up to dem liek always. She loves dem baggies every time. Bambi loves the crinkle noise, she love ta sniff all da baggies and play in dem more all time. I like watch her play, and today I like sniff dem baggies. Weird smell, dem yeallow balls. All differnt sizes. But, they not real, I thinks. Miss E call dem Lemons.

Ninja say he know all 'bout Lemons. He say dey grow on tree, and dere's a Lemon tree in front of pine tree out dere. Dat where Miss E was cuttin. He say he no liek Lemons. He say they sting da mouth real bad. How he know? He say he try lick Lemons when he much younger and doggies laugh at him. Those doggies him used ta live with. I don't fink I gonna liek doggies ta laff at me. I will hiss at dem. But, I don't know how ta hiss yet. But, I'm gonna lern one of deez dayz how ta hiss. Ninja and Bambi, they hisses real good. But, I respects dem so I no hisses at dem. But, someday mebbie I gonna hiss at doggies if they laffs at me.

Ninja say Lemon is very much yucky. He say burn his tongue. So, I just sit on counter and watch when Miss E take Lemons outta baggies. Dis was after Bambi got bored with baggies. Miss E always wait until Bambi done with baggies. She know better den ta take the baggies before Bambie done wiff dem.

So, Miss E, she take Lemons out da baggies. Den one Lemon, it fall on da floor. I jump down to catch Lemon. It not so big. It small one. It not all yellow. Some part is green. I put my nose on lemon. It not sting me. So, I push Lemon wid my paw. It roll on floor real funny. Not like my plastic play balls at all. It so funny roll, I smack wid my paw ta see what happen nex. It roll funny again.  I smack again and chase Lemon. Is fun. Lemon is fun toy. It go in all direction all crookedy. Big fun. I never know which way it gonna go nex.

Bambi come inside kitchen ta see what I doin. Ninja come inside kitchen ta see what I was doin. Ninja say I is crazy and walk away. Bambi jump in winnow ta watch me best way. So I play wit Lemon real good for her enjoy watchin me. I dance with Lemon all over da floor. I dance so much wiff Lemon, Bambi say dat my dancing very happy for her.

I lieks Lemon ta play wit, but I will no eats, cuz Ninja warn me and he real smart ol' Dude. Uh, Oh! He no liek me call him Dude. Bambi no liek me call her Queenie. Ninja no liek me call him Dude. But, they calls me Kid and Pip-Squeak all da times. Why dey do dat? I growin up now. I not so liddle any more. I getting bigger than Bambi now. She all short and a liddle bits chubby. But, I taller now. I gots longer leggins and I gots longer tail. I got handsome, very handsome tail. My tail longer than Ninja tail, too. But, him still fat and I skinny boy. See? I growin up now. Just gots ta get fatter.

Jan 4, 2010

Computer Literate Cat

Spyder is getting very computer literate.

His dyslexia gets in the way sometimes, But he wanted me to tell you about a site where Keli and Jeffery are being honored. Keli has been gone 9 months, and Jeffery 3 months.

It's a website we are all probably familiar with called about.com They have a section on Cats that is
singlehandedly managed, organized and authored by Franny Syufu. She works hard and it shows in the quality of her site. So many cats and people who love cats benefit.

Among the many ways Franny focuses her site to meet the needs of cat lovers is that she has provided an opportunity to have a Memorial photo and story of your cat online.

I sent in the pictures of Keli and Jeffery that I would like used and wrote something about each of them. If you would like to do the same, be sure to read the instructions carefully. It is very exacting, but it's necessary for Franny to run the site, meet all the needs of cats and their people and still to take care of the technical end of keeping the site running well.

I wrote a poem for her.
 I hope you will drop by the site and read it.
Doesn't she look lovely in this picture?
Can you notice the aura about her head?
She was a very special creature.

He loved sitting out in the garden beneath the pine tree.
And in this case, surrounded by fresh catnip
Isn't he a handsome fellow?
I just love this picture of him.