Until one has loved an animal, part of the soul remains unawakened

Until one has loved an animal, part of the soul remains unawakened


Happy Cat Lady

Happy Cat Lady

May 27, 2010

By Fur or By Feather

Queen Bambi writing: 
We've all been so on edge lately. We can feel the sadness and worry Miss E is carrying around. It makes Ninja especially frustrated and I must admit... angry. He says he wants to rescue her, but can't find anyone to rake with his Samurai Claws to get revenge and end the problem.

I appreciate the gravity of the situation. Miss E is not the only one affected.

We can feel it in the air, the earth, and the rain that cried last night. Something is not right. Something big. We've been feeling the intensity increase. All of nature is uneasy. I've heard many whispers among the insects. I've been trying to catch them and make them tell me what's wrong. But, the get smashed upon the wall. The laugh in their zinging way as they escape.

The birds seem sedate in their squawkings, even the pretty songsters are quiet. They go about their business without their foolish happy twitterings that entertain us so much. Something is very wrong. 

Spyder has been listless, not understanding what is pressing down his joyful energy. He walks back and forth across the window ledge. I crawl under the blankets with Miss E trying to give her comfort, to draw her attention away from what's bothering her. I even sat on her chest to help her to relax and pet me.

Ninja has been meditating deeply on the mystery, looking outside and beyond, looking around the world. And now He tells me there is no way for him to alleviate the problem by using his sharp weapon claws. He has learned what's wrong.

Even using his mind control power is not going to be enough unless efurrybuddy were to become ninjas, and that takes years of discipline and training. No, Ninja says this is serious. He says terrible damage has been done far away where the Monarchs migrate when they don't live near us.

He says the disgusting odor we smell when the car starts up has invaded an ocean. Not our ocean, but the one where the butterflies go when they are not with us. The Monarch Butterflies like the one our friend, Allie, showed us. I didn't think the smell is so terrible that it could be serious. But, Ninja says that in his meditation he saw that it was a nasty sticky stuff worse than when the rain and the earth mix together. He said it's a disaster called Oil Spill. And then I understood.

We must gather up all our shedding fur into a plastic bag. If we can get the birds to give us their spare feathers we must do the same with them. If the yappy dogs next door would give us their fur and the sheep out there on the farm give his clean wool, and if Miss E will go into her drawer and pull out all those nylon stockings that she never wears and puts them in a bag, we will all be able to help those who are working so hard to clean up the oil spill.

And we must send it all to MATTER OF TRUST, where they will take it all and make "Containment Booms" to soak up the Oil Spill. We hope our beloved readers from any part of the world will do the same. That way we can all help out, a hair at a time. Let your dog and cat groomers know about this so they can help too. Our long haired cousin, Cassie already got shaved.

And see if the birdies will trust you to pull out some of their feathers for a good cause. Our own yellow birdie is going to tell his friends. I'm sure they will if we promise not to hurt them. So many of their cousins are being covered with this ooky gooky Oil Spill and it is making them sick.

Below you will see a video that demonstrates how a hair containment boom is made, so we can understand what will happen after we send in our fur and feathers.

May 25, 2010

Gazebo Cats

We sat in the patio window watching the wind blow on the last of the tarp over the "gazebo". They call it a gazebo, but we learned that it is really just a sun shade, like a partial tent.

But, it is fun watching the shreds of tarp blowing in the wind, no matter what it is called.  Ninja says it reminds him of the grass huts in Hawaii, but we are not sure he really has been to Hawaii. Though the shreds do look a little bit like long grasses, especially because they are green. The wind has been blowing on them ever since I came to live here in my forever home.

Then, we were rudely interrupted in our reverie by Miss E and the Monk, as they carried in a large box and dropped it in the middle of the floor. Ker-Plunk! They made a racket as the Monk removed long metal poles. Ninja said they looked suspiciously similar to the poles that hold up our gazebo.

Miss E plucked us all up and unceremoniously closed us into the bedroom. I didn't mind one bit. After all, it was much more peaceful in there as they hauled things out onto the patio. Spyder was quite excited about all the fuss, and jumped up onto the window sill to watch what they were doing. I soon joined him. But, Ninja would have none of it. He suggested we all "chill out" and lie on the bed while we had the chance to enjoy it.

Spyder and I watched with consternation as we saw them dismantle our gazebo! We sadly realized we will never be able to watch the lovely green shreds swaying in the breezes ever again. It took a few minutes to figure out that the Monk was constructing a new gazebo. We were not happy as we shall miss one of our favorite pastimes. We soon became bored with this tedious process and followed Ninja's fine example and joined him on the bed. We made sure we left a lot of hair on the blanket to show our displeasure with the new gazebo!

May 24, 2010

Neighborhood Watch Cats

Spyder and Bambi in window watching neighborhood

Sushi for Breakfast

This morning while I was bird watching and Spyder was napping, the Monk and Miss E were having breakfast.

Ninja went to beg like an uncouth commoner! He has such bad manners, he even jumps up on the table! I would NEVER do such a thing! I stay away when they dine.

It would be unseemly for a queen to beg! Especially the way Ninja does it. Don't you agree?  Besides, I slept in between them last night right under the blankets! So, I don't need their attention the way Ninja does.

When the Monk woke up he was so surprised to see me right there by his elbow, he jumped. Of course, I found this quite disconcerting! So, I leaped like a little deer - like the Bambi deer I am named after, and I was gone in a flash.

The Monk called to me to return, and for once I decided to forgive him. So, I went back and he petted me. He's a good human, even if he already belongs to Ninja.

So, Ninja got to eat sushi again, even after they said they weren't going to give him any more, and this time his tummy was okay with it. I saw Miss E give him caviar, which I understand is fish eggs. But, he says he likes the hamachi best.

I love to watch the live fish in the aquarium and even taste their water when I get a chance, but I just cannot tolerate the idea of eating dead fish, no matter how delicious Ninja says it is!

Bird is so much better!

May 17, 2010

Lazy Day Cats

We had such a lazy Sunday. It was the Best!!! Always when the Monk, my new Sensei, comes to visit, he has so many little jobs around the house to do, that we don't have much time for the Mancat-to-Man with each other. He understands me, and I need his attention. I think he knows that. But, this time Miss E decided to let all the errands go by the wayside, and let us have a lazy Sunday.

So, Miss E let the Monk sleep in. We all had to be quiet. She shut the door so we wouldn't run in and wake him up with our Good Mornings. Then he had his morning coffee in bed with his favorite fish roe breakfast. Smelled quite yummy to me!  Miss E just screwed up her face at the delicious smell of the roe and went back into the kitchen and left us to ourselves.

The Monk is an ambitious human and planned to fulfill a list of duties for the day, so I helped Miss E keep my Sensei down by pinning him to the bed with the weight of me. He only struggled a little bit, and finally gave in and read a book. Miss E came back into the room bringing her tea and toast with her to enjoy.

Before we knew it my little buddy, Spyder, joined us choosing his favorite spot pushed right up against Miss E's leg. I told him to lay as heavy as he could and he was happy to do so to help keep her in her place too. So, then Spyder settled down and curled up like a squirrel for a snooze.

Soon Queen Bambi joined us and assured us she was very interested in helping us keep it a lazy day, and she climbed right up on top of Miss E. Her Highness usually can't be bothered to kiss up to people so this was a surprise. It made Miss E very happy. And Bambi actually got drowsy for a while and stayed.

Time sure slows when you're having lazy days! We cats are experts in this way of being. But humans are not very good at it. The Monk and Miss E should take the time to enjoy themselves more often!

May 16, 2010

Feral Cat Visitor

We were all enjoying a quiet evening at home after a long day of intensive catnaps. Ninja and Spyder were in the other room watching TV on Miss E's bed.  I don't know why they enjoy the sports channel so much. Perhaps it's a mancat thing? Miss E says they look like a pair of salt and pepper shakers sitting side by side like that!

I was diligently grooming myself when our returning visitor snuck into the back patio. With all his visits he has swaggered and threatened and caused general mayhem. We, of course, have been civil in our driving him away, and even Spyder's brave attempts were quite sufficient to do the job. But Mr. Stranger, as I shall call him, was persistent in presenting himself.

It was very disturbing to encounter him thus. In fact, I was stunned by the sight of him! He looked quite pitiful. You can tell by my picture, I am sure, just how stunned I was.

I am quite aware of the roving character of these types of "natural" cats. After all, this is the life all our ancestors led. But, in this day and age, it just isn't practical or safe for any cat to have to live in the wild like Mr. Stranger has been doing. Our natural environment once would have protected us and guaranteed a somewhat normal life for our enjoyment. But it is no longer lush and fruitful with enough space for us to occupy in peace. Instead, those who live outside on their own, live a beggardly existence. And Mr. Stranger is living proof.

He stood with his head hanging down as he made low crooning sounds. I suppose he thought that a lady sitting alone in her tower by the window was one he could woo.  I daresay, I do not blame the mistaken fellow. After all, I am one fetching She-Cat, and lovely to behold. I know this because I have been told this by previous admirers before I came to live here. But, I remain true to the father of my kittens, whereever Tom may be. So any attempts by Mr. Stranger would never have been successful.

What disturbed me so much was the appearance of a nasty gash upon his once handsome tail, which he could barely hold up anymore. Poor fellow!

Miss E was peeking around the door and noticed it right away. She tried to coax him but he ran away, so she put a bowl of tuna and some water out for him.  I will keep watch and purr for him to return so he will feel safe here.

Intruder or not, he is injured and needs our care.

We can't invite him into our home. But we are going to get him some help as soon as possible!

Please note: 
the above photo of injured cat is a representation of Queen Bambi's blog posting and not the actual outdoor cat she is writing about.

How to trap a feral cat.

How to tell if your cat is in pain.

May 15, 2010

Curly Tail Cat

Curly tail Spyder

Cosmo and Catrina, a Cat Love Story

I had heard that a local vet had a couple of 'rescues' and was lookin' for homes, so I went and checked it out. The first cat was a a bit older, a pretty, tiger-striped female. The vet said "Wait, let me get the other one" and disappeared around the corner. She returned, tightly holding onto Catrina, who looked like she just wanted THE HELL OUTTA THERE. Immediately I said "OOOO I'll take her!"

I took her home and as the vet suggested, put her in the bathroom for the evening, while I went to work (she was semi-wild, and had been 'trapped' on piece of property way out west). I didn't want to do that, but she was growling and hissing like crazy at me and I didn't want return home to a pile of cat fur, claw sheaths and bits and pieces of Cosmo.

I came home from work the following morning, walked into the bathroom and there she was crouched in the tub, still growling and hissing and generally freaking out.

I sat on the floor and tried talking to her, but all I got in response was 'GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR'.

Then Cosmo pushed the door open, as I had not shut it tight. I saw her ears twitch when she heard it too. Then I saw her little pink nose twitching, sniffing away. She peeked over the side of her tub, saw Cosmo and it was cool to see how her whole demeanor changed.

She jumped out of the tub and walked over to Cosmo. They briefly sniffed each other, then she gave him that 'BOYFRIEND?!?!' head butt. She loved him RIGHT AWAY. She was then alright with me too.
Written by Guest Writer and Cat Lover, John Rahn

May 11, 2010

Flower Cats

We has flowers! We has flowers outside in da garden, lots of dem. We smell dem ebery day. We see all diffrunt kinds from all our windows and doors. But, now we gots flowers inside da house, too!!

 Dis is a berry speshul week for flowers. Mr. X brought big long red ones to Miss E yestaday. She say, "oooh, Roses!" She so happy! Dey is purrty, but dey is tall and dey is not good for sniffing cos dey is too tall.

It's more easy to sniff da ones dat Miss E cut from da garden and brought into da house. She puts dem on da kitchun table.

Da last time der was any thing like dis in da house, I gots in trubble cos I eated dem. And I did it ebery chance I got. So, Miss E putted da ad in da freecycle and gaves dem all away. Some lady and man came ta gets dem. Dey was berry happy.

And I was berry sad, cos I liked to eated da plants. But, now I am big kitty mancat. So I wonts eated no more plants. I be a good kitty. Just sniffey dem.

Everyfing was so intresting. Three differunt kinds of flowers Miss E brought in. Bambi say dey was Peruvian Lilies and da other was sumpin she don't know. But, da best one I lyke da best was da one called Lemon Flower. It smell soooo goood! Bambi say dat one from da tree out front dat makes da lemons. I remember lemons from dat time we played wid dem in the kitchun floor. Lemon flower smell so good.I reely lykes dem berry mucho! I just sniff and sniff all around.

Bambi and me, we investa gate dem flowers. Ninja no was dere, cos him was takin' nap. But, Bambi, she did sumpin' bad. Bambi not just sniffin. Bambi started eaten da flower. Miss E, she havta take away flowers. Now dey way up high on bookcase.

May 10, 2010

Ginger Cat Returns!

The Monk arrived with many grocery bags. Queen Bambi was in seventh heaven sticking her nose in them all. I mean, making inspections. Since I have the superior sniffer on me, I have no need for such investigations.

I knew what was in them. It is a shame that The Monk did not bring any sushi, for I sadly miss it, though it tends to upset my stomach. Such shame I must carry to be a ninja cat and I cannot tolerate my favorite food.

As you know, The Monk and I have a special bond. He has decided I am his own cat and lets me sleep on his legs. So after he left, I went to lie down on the same spot, just so I could feel close to him.

I wont say it was a mistake that I took a cat nap. Things tend to happen as they are meant to. That's a Zen Philosophy I strongly believe. Very sensible to not fuss about it. However, since I was not there when the sun went down to watch out the big sliding glass door I missed all the action.

I am sooo proud of my little buddy, Spyder. Queen Bambi reported to me exactly what happened. Since Miss E had left the big glass door open and only the big screen door closed, Spyder and Bambi enjoyed the breeze even after dark settled upon us. That was also the time the Ginger Cat returned to trespass!

Queen Bambi was again sitting in a high place and could not get to the door fast enough to warn off the stranger. Before she could blink an eye, Spyder ran straight at him, the same way I did the other evening. Like me, he banged his head on the screen. Lucky for Spyder that the glass door was open. I really had a hard knock from doing that myself. I had not intended to give the little guy such a bad example. I hope he does not continue this unfortunate technique!

Spyder banging the screen and Ginger cat running away with his infamous whining is what made me wake from my doze, and of course, it was too late for me to do anything, so I turned myself around and got comfortable once more

May 8, 2010

In Celebration of the Outstretched Paw

Our friends on other cat blogs have been celebrating the outstretched paw. We think it is a good idea to join them.

This is Ninja writing, so I will put my picture first. I think you will find my mancat paw quite pawsome!

This is Spyder stretching his paw out in the Curly Q fashion

Bambi says she is Queen and therefore does not reach her paw out to anyone!  It is very true. We have never seen her do that and Miss E has never taken a picture of her that way.

Go on over to Purrfect Haven, Darcy and Bingley's blog, to see their outstretched paws. And Milo and Alfie's too. They all have some really pawsome pictures!

May 7, 2010

Stranger Danger!

I owe Ninja an apology. I have made disparaging remarks regarding his ninja training.

I thought he was too proud, too overweight, too old and too cowardly. I mean, after all, he gave that impression, always asserting he had spent his life studying with masters, that he had black collars in every martial art there is, and he clearly wears a red collar.

We just thought he made it all up that he could climb walls silently and fly across the tops of bamboo trees. I don't even know what a bamboo tree is. But, he swears he can smell one probably planted directly across the street. And truly he was overweight, though has been more in shape lately. He has always acquiesced to my position as his Queen and acts frightened and runs away if I so much as look at him imperiously, which I am very good at, by the way.

But, this evening he proved himself in every way. We were all in our room enjoying the sunset, looking out our large plate glass sliding door that leads out to the patio. It is a good thing that Miss E had closed it earlier as it was getting chilly. Usually we have it open with just the screen closed so that the fresh air can be enjoyed.

After the sun went down and we were drowsing with the dusk, I perked up my ears as Ninja sounded a warning whisker. A stranger was approaching!

A large ginger cat came up to the window brazen as you please. We were all quite alarmed! I was up on top of the cat tower so I could not quickly make a charge.

So, Ninja leaped to the rescue, he was at the door immediately and would have gone through the screen! He so fiercely attacked that he banged his nose against the window. This did not make our intruder go away, but it certainly had him worried, as he kept looking away like he wanted to.

By this time Spyder was there beside Ninja, waiting for some guidance on how to help. Oh yes, our boy is growing so brave, and Ninja has taught him well the ways of a Man Cat. Ninja gave a fierce growl politely suggesting (as is his way) that the stranger vacate the premises immediately.

Our little Spyder had his hackles up so high he looked like a porcupine, but he joined in with Ninja demanding the stranger leave. Between them both, the stranger carefully turned, step by step making his way back out into the night, but not before he muttered a whining growl. "I'll be back!" he said. "You've not heard the last from me!"

May 5, 2010

Cats on Diets

Da begetable man came today. Miss E sorted and washed dem all, and split the booty into seprit containers.

Them smells was bery interesting, almost like when da windows is open, we can smell fings like dat. We really liked da garlic and when one dropped on da floor, I had ta run over ta investigate. Miss E, she always droppin fings on da floor. But her not let me near garlic. She say is very bad for cats! Queen Bambi say Miss E got butter fingers. But I don't see no candy round here. Maybe she mean Miss E gots butter on her fingers and makes slippery and dat why fings fall down?

I wanted ta eat da begetables, but Miss E didn't give me no chances ta get to dem. I hope I can try it sometime. Dey was so intreeging ta smell. She shooed me away from da table, den later  gave me canned food while Ninja and Bambi was in da other room. Miss E has been feeding me several times a day, both wet food, speshal formula for kittens, and dry kitten food. It all easier ta chew than that stuff dat hard stuff.

Qween Bambi and Ninja spent so much time at da feeder I hardly never had a chance ta get in and eat. So, for a while, Miss E fed me on top da fridgerator. Ninja could not jump up there no matter how ninja's say he can fly, he cannot fly this high. But, Bambi figure it out and she always finish up my food. Now, I dont has ta worry, cos I gets ta eat alone. Nobody bother me.

We have all been a little testy about da changes goin on about our food around here. Me getting extra, while da others are hiding in da bedroom with the door shut. I can tell they are not happy about dat as they dig at da door. I happy cos Miss E say she thinking of me nutrishun so I can grow up big and stong.

Then when they come out they get a tiny bit of food. Queen Bambi says that it is because Miss E is putting us all on a diet. She does not believe she is fat and Ninja says he is all muscle. Qween Bambi says, it making us all dependent on Miss E and we cants ignore her cos we has ta wait til she feed us. I don't minds, cos I gets my fair share now. Those guys donts gets ta push me away from food. Now I gonna grow up helthy!

May 4, 2010

Berries and Birds

Miss E and the Monk went to the movies in Salinas this weekend. When they came home all they could talk about was all the farm country they drove through in order to get home.

Lettuce, artichoke and strawberry fields are all very close to here.

They didn't have to tell us about it. We already know. We can smell the fields all around us right here in Watsonville. We really like the strawberries.

Ninja tells us that Jefferey used to like to lick the bowl after Miss E ate strawberries. Spyder likes to chew on lettuce. He got in trouble the other day for pulling a lettuce leaf out of the trash.

We had some exciting things happen while they were gone. Recently one of the neighbors moved away. He took his hummingbird feeders with him.

So now we have a host of hummingbirds fighting over our one feeder! Miss E is going to need to buy some more feeders! And we are doing to be very happy to watch them from the windows.

May 3, 2010

Cat Chickens

Miss E spent the day roasting two chickens. We were so intrigued by the smells of the delicious birds. We looked forward in anticipation to the meal. 

Miss E said we were "driving her nuts" with us wandering about under her feet! But, you know that is the job of cats, in order to make sure things are cooked properly. 

Miss E finally put us in one room and shut the door, only letting us out later. We were not too happy about that. And once the meat was cooked, she shredded some to put in our bowls. Since she did not let us guide her in the cooking process, we could do nothing but snub the morsels!