Aug 19, 2010

Grumpy Cats

Everybody grumpy today. Queen Bambi grumpy. I grumpy. Miss E grumpy. Ninja most grumpy of all. It not my fault. Really, not me did it. I swares! We was running round da house same as uzual, having fun, Queen Bambi and me. Mr. grumpy Ninja was sleepin' by da bookshelp. We wasn't being quiet, but Ninja, he can sleep through ennyfing. Him always say him meditating, but I fink snoring not a mantra. Right? Is I right?

Ennyhow, I chase Bambi cross da back ov da sofa and she knock down all da pillows was up there, and one jump over and smack Ninja. Just then him look up, and me, I running cross da bookshelp and books fall down all beside Ninja, and he jump on top ov da books. Then Miss E come in da room and see Ninja and da mess ov books all over. She dint see me and Bambi cos by this time, we hiding unner da sofa. So Miss E fink Ninja knock down da books and tell him he a bad boy. And Ninja dont lyke that. Now him all grumpy.

Not my fault him sleeping right there by them books! Queen Bambi say we gots ta stay away from him coz he givving da Eebil Eye. Him look scarey when him grumpy don'tcha fink so?

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