Aug 2, 2010


Hey Efurrybody! Guess what? We ben celebratin' my adopta-birthday! I ben living here in my furrever home wiff Queen Bambi, Ninja, and Miss E for one whole year! Seems lyke it was a minnut ago. Huh?

I remembers my adopshun day, and I remembers da furst tyme I saw Miss E, too. It was ryte after dey brot me and my fambly into da shelter. We been livin down by the Watsonville Slew until then. That's kinda lyke a marsh but only better. Dey dint ketch my mama. She too smart for dem guys. But she say, "Be nice kittens. Go wid dem, cos dey gonna give yoo nice new furrever homes. Don't hafta live in da wet water ol swamp ennymore." I kinda lyke da wet water, but I did what mama sez.

So, dat furst day we was all takin' a cozy nap inside da glass room and sumpin waked me up. I roll over and there she was... Miss E! I took one looks at her and I just knew she was gonna 'dopt me. So I blinkt at her with my blue eye. And guess what? She pretty smart! She blinkt right back at me with her blue eye. Then I blinkt at her wiff my gold eye, and she blinkt back wiff her blue eye. She ain't got no gold eye, but that's okay. I loves her how she is.

I was a liddle disappoynted cos she dint take me home dat day. But da older big cats tol' me I had ta stay and get me fixed furst and tested for dehzeezuhs. I dint mind tests too much but gettin' fixed made me hurts. But, now I dont cares bout that stuff no more.

I thot I never gonna see Miss E ever again when dey take me to other shelter. But, lyke I say, she one smart purrson. She hunt me down and bringed me home.

Here I am one year later, I one growed up happy boy cellabraytin' my furst adopta-birthday!!! And I still blinks my eye at Miss E to tells her I loves her.

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Patricia G said...

The blinking back and forth is how I tamed Abigail.