Aug 5, 2010

Cat Collar Disaster

My beautiful pink collar with all my royal diamonds is missing! And of course my identity tag! Without the tag I am nothing! Less than nothing! What should happen if I were to fall into the hands of ruffians? If they were to think I were a stray, Heaven Forbid, they would never know my royal status. I would be nothing in their eyes but a commoner!

Oh, woe is me! I better make sure I am not given over to temptation and go running out the door every chance I get, or I will never be recognized as Queen Bambi again.  

How could I possibly prove my identity unless someone were to take me to a Vet and have him read the id chip under my skin? Whatever could have happened to my precious collar? The whole situation is distressing!

I'm sure Miss E has been diligently searching for it. I notice she found the old stretchy blue one that Timmy kept taking off, playing with, and losing. Miss E put it back on him It fits him best and he's no longer interested in playing snaky with it. So, he is not interested in removing it.

He says the Dowager Lady Cat told him to continue wearing it for his well being. He means his imaginary friend. I don't know where the boy gets this from, but at least he is correct to keep his collar on. Now if he will leave it on permanently.

Though I will  miss my one of a kind, pink diamond collar, I am enjoying the new blue one with emergency snap that Miss E has purchased for me. I even have a new tag. And she put a heart on it, too.

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