Aug 26, 2010

Trembling Cats

It was one of those days of oddities. The moon was full, the weather bizarre with temperatures to 100 °F (37.7 °C. Celsius).

We didn't mind the heat, but we could tell Miss E was distressed.

Then we all began to feel queasy.

My Queen was very distraught and kept circling through the house checking on everything. She finally went to hide under the blanket on Miss E's bed.

I focused my best ninja powers into the phenomena and suddenly I knew! Just a moment later the earth moved and swayed.

Earthquake! It was a very uncomfortable feeling. Purrsons don't pay much attention, as I have noticed before in my years of living here.

I know it gets much worse than a 4, but just the same we were all affected deeply. That's the price of being alert and sensitive cats.

Our wild and insolent teenager, Spyder, has been behaving a little trembly and nervous since then.

The slightest noise or movement makes him jump. Poor little boycat!

I have tried to get him to calmly meditate, but he is unable to focus and his fur is floating everywhere.

Spyder has now retired to the laundry basket on the floor, and refuses to come out. Just for safety sake, I am now guarding over them both.


Patricia G said...

Is this the 1st one they've been through?

Elizabeth Munroz said...

This is the first for Spyder. Ninja, at his age, I'm sure have had previous experiences before he came to live here. There have been a few big ones since he was born. Bambi, age 2 might have experienced other small ones. They say animals act strange before earthquakes. I hadn't noticed. But afterwards, they did react

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

It must have been very scarey. We'd shake and tremble too.

Smoochies to yoo all.