Aug 25, 2010

Times are Changing

I getting so bored with those two. The Queen and Ninja, they always telling me what ta do, how ta behave. They calling me a "teenager", like that's a bad word or sumpin'.

Ninja always saying his monk stuff. "Calm and stay focused, Young One!"

He said that ta me da udder day when I run my head into da wall.

I was playing chase wiff Bambi and she switch directshun. She run to right when she was goin' left.

That not fair! So, I end up wiff my head bang into da wall. Then, Ninja has no care for my poor bump head!

Now all they talkin 'bout is changing da name of da blog. Furst Bambi say shuld be Queen Bambi and faithful friends.

Ninja say it shud be called Cat Dojo. That means a place where ninja's get trained. But nobody here gettin' trained. I is already great atheleet.

And they pretends ta care what I fink of all this changing da name. When I tells them what I wants, they say bump on head make me say things all silly.

I don't likes it. Queen Keli was my Spirit Mama.

She came to me when I furst was here lockt in the baffroom all by myseff, and her comfort me.

And them guys nevver believes me. I tol' them all da time she was on da rocker chair, too, when her tol me all them cat secrets about da Great Queen Bastet, da muvver of all da cats.

I wants the name kept ta be Dowarrger Queen, cos she da best one furrever!

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Purrfect Haven said...

what is in a name - actually it is you dear furry friends that matter most what ever your blog is named we love reading about you. Love Darcy and Bingley xx