Aug 24, 2010

TV or Music, Which shall it be?

Spyder has been such a wild teenager lately getting into all kinds of trouble. Miss E piled stuff on the dresser so that Spyder cannot climb on top of the TV.

Spyder was not happy about that. He likes to get warm there.

One of the things Miss E piled up was her carry case. Spyder opened the top and hid inside! We were looking for him all day! Ninja found Spyder and scolded him for being naughty and making us worry.

We have been listening to a lot of music. Our Israeli friend, Amir, brought me some CD’s! Of course, others can listen, but Amir is a real gentleman and always brings me gifts. He understands how to treat a queen like me.

He brought Jazz music this time. I like the mellow kind, but the kind that gets strange and sounds like the lizards arguing outside in the sun, is irritating to my sensitive ears.

Ninja says it's not music and I quite agree. He likes it when the monk comes over and plays his Shakuhachi flute. I must admit it is peaceful, like the wind in the trees.

Ninja and Spyder went to play in the kitchen. I got tired and curled up on the bed, and spent my time listening to heavenly music!

It makes me feel so tranquil.

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Jan said...

Yes ~ beautiful relaxing music on the YouTube. Although mellow jazz does it for every time.