Jul 8, 2010

Queen of England to Visit Queen Bambi?

I understand that the Queen of England is visiting locally. She will not be visiting with me, however, no matter how much she likes cats. (Does she? I wonder) I have not sent her an invitation to visit, as my schedule is quite full.

For example, today was particularly busy with an unwelcome visit from Mr. Mockingbird. What a pest he is. He so much wants to see me that he flies in from long distances to sit upon the tall tree in our south eastern corner.  He is so persistent that he cannot keep a respectable distance and swoops down to the top of the gazebo!

Of course I watch him diligently from the window whilst pretending not to take notice of him in the slightest. After all, I sent the message I sha'n't give him audience!

I wish Ninja would shoo him away. But, alas, Ninja spends more time meditating these days and less time practicing his martial arts skills. He still teaches Spyder, but not so much by example as previously.

Needless to say, I have my own techniques which I have developed from my wild days before I came into my proper royal status, I find my methods quite useful on occasion, in order to carry out my duties and keep my subjects in line.

As I sat keeping an eye upon that pesky Mr. Mockingbird, he had the audacity, to dive down from the gazebo. Then, immediately. he swirled around the apricot tree right in front of the window!

I know he did that to provoke me. He certainly was asking for it!

So I leaped upon him with all my force and intent. He is fortunate indeed that I did not get my paws upon him! I had fiercely flung my body directly onto the window screen and no matter how I shook it, it did not budge! I could tell Miss E was a bit disturbed by this as she came in and closed the window.


Purrfect Haven said...

scary but we get where you are coming from. Sometimes one has to push ones weight around. Darcy and Bing xx

Queen Bambi said...

Darcy and Bing,
I knew you two would understand the necessity of the situation!

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

We wish to inform yoo that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England loves dogs and horses. The Queen likes and keeps Corgi dogs and the
royal family has maintained a kennel for the Pembroke Welsh Corgis Dog for at least 70 years.

That isn't to say that she doesn't love cats too ~ but she's never specifically said that.

Queen Bambi said...

Thank you for informing me, Milo and Alfie. I knew if anyone would know the facts, it would be you two.