Jul 29, 2010

Ninja and Street Warrior Make Friends

I've made a new friend. It's about time! I will have a mancat my own age. Someone I can discuss martial arts with intelligently. Spyder is too young to appreciate learning. Queen Bambi dismisses my training and disrespects me. But, I am an honorable mancat. I have pledged to guard, protect and serve my Lady, Queen and that is what I'll do.

Miss E and my Sensei, the Monk, call my new friend One-Eye-Jack. But, of course his secret feline chosen name is different.

But, from now on I will call him Jack. He says he doesn't mind, he's been called much worse. I smelled him in the neighborhood a few times and he smelled me, so he came by to introduce himself the other night.

He came back this evening to see us to wish Spyder a Happy Adoption day. Spyder has been so depressed, he hides inside our cat tree house and wont come out. He's been thinking of his birthplace on Crespi Way out in the tall grasses near the muddy water. I think he means the Slough. Jack told a story to Spyder about his ancestors who came from that neighborhood, and Spyder brightened right up. Queen Bambi and I thought maybe they were related.  After all, he has the same kind of fur. It's not smooth and shiny like mine. Nor is it ridge backed like my Lady Queen Bambi's. She knows a lot about geography and cat neighborhoods in this area. She certainly moved around a lot and lived loosely before she came to live with us.

Then, talking about families we discovered they really are related and possibly distant cousins. Queen Bambi is sure of it. Spyder asked his "Uncle" Jack all kinds of questions about his birthplace and Jack has promised to tell him more next time he returns. It's going to be great for Jack and I as we will have many mancat to mancat talks. After all, I'm sure we have a lot in common, both with our warrior ways and life stories!


Sorry, we don't have a picture of One Eye Jack. He is camera shy.

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