Jul 30, 2010

Hello Kitty Post Box

Every time Neighbor Girl arrives, we all go find a safe place to hide. She makes so much noise, moves things around, and runs the loud household machines one after the other. We like her just fine, but when she departs, We are most grateful for the peace and quiet as well as the nice clean house she has left for us!

Today is Spyder's Adoption Birthday. Miss E brought him home one year ago today! Time surely flies as quickly as the birdies!

Though Spyder can sometimes be such a nuisance, But, We still love him dearly. We asked him what he wanted for his adopta-birthday. He said he wants Hello Kitty to come visit. He has a crush on her.

Ninja and I were making plans for how to celebrate Spyder's adopta-birthday when Neighbor Girl arrived and began sweeping the front sidewalk. She accidentally knocked the mail box off the wall and the paint chipped off. Miss E was quite understanding and insisted that Neighbor Girl not pay for a new one.

Neighbor Girl wanted to fix the mail box. But, she couldn't repaint it, so she decorated it! She didn't make any big noises, which had us very curious.

Ninja and I were curious cats and investigated as she took the old Hello Kitty calendar and cut the used pages away. We were concerned because Spyder has always said Hello Kitty is his "Calender Girl". We thought he would be disturbed to see her cut up like that. Fortunately he was asleep in our two story tentament in the back room.

It was quite rewarding to observe Neighbor Girl assemble the old pages from Hello Kitty calendar and cover the mail box with them. It was a clever craft lesson, if I do say so myself. And Ninja got to chew up the spare paper cuttings.

We are most pleased! When Spyder awoke and came out to see what was going on, he was so excited and happy because he assumed the newly covered mail box was a gift for his adopta-birthday!

And we didn't let him otherwise. Though we know it was a present for the post man... er... letter carrier.


Kissimee said...

That was an exceptional job! Tell her we all loved it!

Laurie said...

I LOVE the mailbox!

Mr. Miyagi said...

Of course, Spyder likes Hello Kitty. She is very popular calendar girl. Congratulations on your adopabirthday, SPyder.