Jul 19, 2010

Obon Festival

Wow! I never seen Ninja pout before! Bambi said he was "sulking".

We could hear da drums and smell da food cookin' but I din't unnerstand why dat make Ninja sad. It make me happy! It make Queen Bambi drool! But, she say lady queens no drool. Her just have luscious lips she say. Look like droolin' to me.

I ask Ninja why he sad. He say da Monk and Miss E went to Obon Festibal over at da Boodist Tempel and they lef him behind here at home. I finks he crazy. Why he wants ta go in da car?

He say Obon Festibal very important to him. He say it time to honor da ones what went over da Rainbow Bridge. And he say I gots to member Jeffery. I member him. He da big old snaggle toof mancat who was so growlchy when I was baby kitten.

I ask Ninja if him Sensei teacher doggies over da bridge, too. Him say no, if they go, they gonna come tell him in his dreams first. That be scarey dream, some doggies come see me when I sleepin'!

Alla sudden da breeze bring us new sniffs and Ninja look sad. He tell me they gots tarry-yucky chickin' and sushi over there! I fink he more intrested in da food then him is intrested in the Jeffery.

And dats when da drummin start up again. Ninja raise him head and listen with wishes on him face. He tell me them drums is called Taiko.

I tell him I like da drummin' very much. I feel it in my feets, an it make my ear hairs and whiskers bybrate. Then he say I very speshul young mancat. First time he call me mancat!

Wow! Obon must be Ninja favorite thing. No wonder him sad he dint go.

After while da Monk and Miss E come home and guess what? They bring sushi just for Ninja. Then he very happy again!

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